Haze Piece Lava Key – Where Is It?

Haze Piece official artwork.

Are you looking for that pesky Haze Piece lava key? Well, you’re not the only one. So much of you are struggling to find it, that I decided to put together a guide that will help you discover it. I’ll provide you with step-by-step instructions on where to find it, and exactly what you need to do to unlock it. That way, you can focus on playing and less on figuring out how it works.

Haze Piece is a Roblox game that draws inspiration from the hit anime series, One Piece. You create a character, get yourself a sword, then seek out one of the fruits dotted around the world. These provide you with abilities that help you out in combat. At this point, it’s a case of just fighting to improve your power so you can take on the more challenging content, like bosses.

You can check out Haze Piece via Roblox on Google Play. I’ve also put together a Haze Piece fruit tier list and Haze Piece swords list.

Haze Piece Lava Key

Now, let’s take a look at exactly how to find the Haze Piece lava key.

Where Is the Lava Key?

The Lava Key is actually really easy to find, provided you know where to look. The fact you’re reading this guide suggests you don’t. Well, simply head on over to the Marine Base town and then walk over to the table near to where you spawn. See the key? That’s the Lava Key. See? Simples!

What do I Need the Lava Key For?

If you want to take on the Mace Boss in Haze Piece, you will need the Lava Key. This boss is in a cage that is locked, and requires the Lava Key to unlock. This boss drops the Mace weapon, as well as the Coded Mask Accessory, so you may want to take them on at some point.

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