HoloCure Golden Hammer – How to Get It!

A HoloCure character battling in the arena.

Want to create a Super Collab? Well, you need a HoloCure Golden Hammer. If you’ve arrived on this guide, then you probably don’t know how to get that particular pesky item. Well, fear not, as that’s exactly what I’m here to help with. In this guide I’ll detail exactly how the item works and how you can unlock it.

HoloCure is a Vampire Survivors-like arena battler featuring characters from Hololive. You unlock a variety of them using the gacha system then head out into battle, taking on fans. There are a ton of weapons and items to use as you strive to survive for at least 30 minutes.

You can grab HoloCure on Steam. I’ve also put together a HoloCure collabs guide for those just getting started.

HoloCure Golden Hammer

The HoloCure Golden Hammer is an item that arrived as part of update 0.6. You need it to create a Super Collab, which, as the name implies, is a more powerful version of a regular collab.

To get the Golden Hammer, you need to first get a compatible collab. Then, max out the item that you need to combine the collab with to get the Super Collab.

This is the point at which most of you are getting tripped up. You have everything you need to create the Super Collab except for the Golden Hammer, so why isn’t it showing up?

Well, that’s because you need to reach level 50 for the Golden Hammer to actually appear. So, just keep fighting until you achieve level 50 and the Golden Hammer will appear.

Can Two Golden Hammers Appear In One Round?

Sadly not. You can only access a single Super Collab per round, so the Golden Hammer will only appear once. Just make sure to choose the Super Collab you want wisely, as you won’t be able to swap it to another once you’ve unlocked it.

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