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HoloCure Save Transfer to Steam Guide

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Been playing HoloCure since its launch but want to transfer over to the Steam version? Not to worry, for my HoloCure save transfer guide is here to help. In this guide, I’ll list the steps that you need to take to gain access to your save file on Steam, so you can let go of the old ways and adopt the new.

HoloCure is a Vampire Survivors-like arena battler that sees you play as a variety of Hololive characters as you battle off hordes of fans. There are a wide variety of weapons and items you can use to do so, as well as a bunch of upgraded versions that increase your power further.

You can grab HoloCure on Steam. I’ve also put together a list of HoloCure collabs and a guide to the HoloCure Golden Hammer.

HoloCure Save Transfer to Steam

There are actually three different methods that you can currently use to transfer your HoloCure save to Steam, and we’ll order them from the easiest method to the most difficult.

Easy: Automatic

If you already have HoloCure installed with a complete save file, you can simply boot up the Steam version to see if your save automatically transfers over. Judging from Twitter, this has worked for many users, but not others.

A possible fix for this includes these steps:

  • Copy your ‘save_n.dat’ file to your desktop and rename it
  • Delete the original ‘save_n.dat’ file
  • Transfer the new version and rename it back to ‘save_n.dat’

Boot up Steam and see if that’s fixed it. If not, try one of the following steps.

Hard: Manual

If it doesn’t transfer over automatically, the next step is to try doing it manually.

  • Boot up HoloCure on Steam and close it
  • Access the game folder for the original version of HoloCure
  • Copy the file ‘save_n.dat’
  • Go into the Steam HoloCure folder
  • Find the Steam version of ‘save_n.dat’
  • Delete it and paste in the original version

When you boot up the Steam version of HoloCure, you should now have access to your original save.

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