Horrific Housing Dances Guide – How To Dance

Feature image for our Horrific Housing dances guide. It shows two Roblox characters on floating platforms with houses on. One has a sniper rifle, the other has wings and holds a piece of cake.

Want to pass the time while you’re waiting between rounds in Horrific Housing? Want to celebrate your success, or maybe taunt your opponents? Well, our Horrific Housing Dances guide will give you the lowdown on how to boogie.

Horrific Housing is a Roblox game where you can realize your dreams of home ownership, but the neighborhood isn’t the best. You’ll experience explosives, storms, darkness, snipers, and poison gas. You might even get turned into a pickle.

You can grab Horrific Housing on Roblox. If you’re looking for more Roblox, check out our Psychic Playground codes, Slap Battles codes, and Car Crushers 2 codes.

Horrific Housing Dances Guide

Here we’ll try and outline all the information necessary.

How To Dance

To kick off your dancing spree, you’ll need to enter the right commands into the chat box. Once entered, that should start your avatar dancing around. Make sure you have the ‘/e’ prefix in front of anything you enter, or everyone in the chat will be wondering what on earth you’re talking about.

Chat Commands

Listed below are the commands that we’re aware of.

  • /e oj or /e orangejustice – Orange Justice Emote
  • /e default – Horrific Housing Default Emote
  • /e floss – Horrific Housing Floss Emote
  • /e dab – Horrific Housing Dab Emote
  • /e fresh – Horrific Housing Fresh Emote
  • /e hype – Horrific Housing Hype Emote
  • /e es – Horrific Housing Electro Shuffle Emote
  • /e robot – Horrific Housing Robot Dance Emote
  • /e freestyle – Horrific Housing Free Stylin Emote

About Horrific Housing

Horrific Housing is an experience on the popular Roblox platform. It is a PVP game where the last player standing wins the round. You’ll be given your own little house, and be subjected to all kinds of random effects. Some might help you, some might throw you right into the void below your property.

Expect the unexpected, and push for the win!

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