Horrific Housing Secrets Guide

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Did an unfair event knock you out of a round of Horrific Housing ten seconds in? Got some time to kill? Well, there’s actually a lot to do while you’re waiting for a new round. There are a ton of secrets lurking around the lobby map to amuse yourself. Our Horrific Housing secret guide will give you a few things to do.

Horrific Housing is a Roblox game where you can realize your dreams of home ownership, but the neighborhood isn’t the best. You’ll experience explosives, storms, darkness, snipers, and poison gas. You might even get turned into a pickle.

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Horrific Housing Secrets Guide

Here we’ll try and cover all the secrets we’ve found in Horrific Housing so far.

The Vending Machine

Next to where you spawn, you’ll see a vending machine. There’s interactable buttons, but that’s it, right? Wrong. If you start at the top buttons and draw a ‘C’ shape on the keypad, the vending machine will slide to one side and open up a hidden hallway.

The Secret Room

If you make your way into the cave area in the lobby, you will see a poster on the wall. Jump at it and you can pass straight through into a secret room. You’ll find a potentially familiar face in there, as well as a key.

The Spleef

A ‘spleef’ is a board of platforms that fall when stepped on. You’ll find one of these on top of the platform above the lobby area. You can hop up from there or from inside the cave. There are no prizes here, just bragging rights if you can outlast other players.

The Obby

On the other side of the spleef is an obstacle course or obby. You’ll be jumping between several grassy platforms and avoiding the red-hot obstacles. If you can reach the top, you’ll be rewarded with 80 tokens. This course is no pushover though, and you’ll need to get it done before the round restarts.

About Horrific Housing

Horrific Housing is an experience on the popular Roblox platform. It is a PVP game where the last player standing wins the round. You’ll be given your own little house, and be subjected to all kinds of random effects. Some might help you, some might throw you right into the void below your property.

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