How to Dance in Blade Ball

A Roblox character dancing in Blade Ball.

Are your friends all showing off their ability to bust a move and you feel left out? Well, our guide on how to dance in Blade Ball is here to save the day. I’ve played the game to discover the method you can use to get your boogie down, and have included steps that you can follow below. I’ll also update this guide should anything change, including new dance moves or a change in how it all works.

Blade Ball is a Roblox multiplayer game that’s a bit like dodgeball with swords. You and a bunch of players enter an arena, in which a homing ball hunts you down. You have to parry the ball to deflect it at your enemies, while gaining new abilities to better help you survive. There are a wide variety of ranks to rise through, weapon skills to collect, and finisher effects to show off.

You can grab Blade Ball from Roblox. If you’re looking for more Roblox guides, check out our Black Grimoire Odyssey class tier list and Black Grimoire Odyssey races guide.

How to Dance in Blade Ball

Now, without further ado, let’s take a look at how to dance in Blade Ball.


You can’t currently emote on Android, which is a huge shame. Getting this feature onto the platform would involve the developer adding a new virtual button that mimics the action from the PC and Xbox versions of the game.

I do hope that it arrives in the future, as dancing around is pretty fun. But, for now, we’re stuck emoteless on Android. For shame!


What makes it an even bigger shame is how easy it is to dance on PC. You simply tap the R key to get your boogie down. All we need on mobile is a virtual button that mimics this button’s use and we’re golden.


Again, it’s very easy to dance in Blade Ball on Xbox. You simply have to tap the L1 button, which is that small button above the left bumper, to bust a move. Again, all we need is that ability mapped to a virtual button on Android to enjoy the fun.

Are There Any Other Blade Ball Emotes?

Sadly not. As of this moment, the only emote you can perform in Blade Ball is to dance. Still, that’s a pretty nifty feature; particularly when you want to show off a particularly good finish or parry. Simply tap R or L1 to boogie on down and infuriate other players.

However, there are multiple dances you can perform. Simply tap R or L1 multiple times until you find the dance that you want. Sadly, there’s no way to simply choose the dance you want, but there aren’t many so it shouldn’t take long.

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