How To Drive In A Dusty Trip

Feature image for our guide on how to drive in A Dusty Trip. It shows a disassembled car next to a twister in the desert.

A Dusty Trip lets you head out on a rather hazardous proud trip into the desert.. but it’s difficult to get started if you’re not even sure how to use your car. So that’s what we’re here to talk about. Our how to drive in a Dusty Trip covers what you need to know to get on the road.

A Dusty Trip is out on Roblox. We’ve got a The Long Drive ending guide.

How To Drive In A Dusty Trip

The vehicles in A Dusty Trip come with some assembly required so first you need to get the car ready to go, then it’s time to drive.

Assembling The Car

From starting out, you first put the car together. There is a chassis just outside your house on spawning in. You need to bring these over to the chassis and attach them in the right places. The parts are listed below.

  • Four Wheels
  • Engine
  • Radiator
  • Doors (Optional)
  • Lights (Optional)
  • Front Grill (Optional)
  • Trunk Cover (Optional)
  • Hood Cover (Optional)

You also need to make sure your car is fuelled, using the jerry can found under the workbench in the house’s garage.

Driving The Car

Ride assembled and fuelled? It’s time to take it for a spin. Follow the steps below to get driving.

  • Open the driver-side door by clicking or tapping on the door and pulling backwards to manipulate it.
  • Take a seat by hitting E.
  • To start the car, get inside and hit R to start the ignition.
  • Lean over to your right and release the handbrake by hovering over it and hitting the left mouse button.
  • If all the parts are in place you should be able to pull away and start moving.
  • Accelerate with with W, break with S, and steer with A and D.
  • Turn the headlights on and off by clicking/tapping on the switches to the right of the wheel. (This only works if you installed lights.)

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