How To Get Devil Fruit In Legacy Piece

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What’s a One Piece Roblox game without magical fruit? Of course, Legacy Piece included our favorite kind of supernatural foodstuffs, but getting your hands on one can be a bit of a challenge. Don’t worry though! We’ve got the useful information and we’re here to share it with you. Our guide on how to get Devil Fruit in Legacy Piece runs over the important information you need to get started.

Legacy Piece is out now on Roblox. We’ve got a Legacy Piece fruit tier list too, in case you want to see how the existing fruit match up.

How To Get Devil Fruit In Legacy Piece

Here I’ll explain what a Devil Fruit is, and the way to find them.

About Devil Fruit

Devil fruit are items based on the mythical fruit from the One Piece anime and manga. These are fruit that give a person supernatural powers.

There are currently nine different devil fruit available to players in the game, and using them gives you access to a different moveset associated with the fruit, with several combat moves and a ‘transportation move’ that can allow you to travel fast or fly.

How To Get Devil Fruit

Finding devil fruit is simple, but maybe not that easy or fast. Devil fruit spawn under trees, and you can find them scattered around the in-game world, particularly on Foosha Island. The tricky part? Other players want fruit too, so you’ll have to get to them before anyone else, especially the rare kind.

Devil fruit respawn every 40 minutes. It’s good to do a sweep of the trees every ten minutes or so if you don’t know when the fruit last spawned.

You can buy a Fruit Notifier from the in-game shop that will tell you all the info you need, but that’s a whole 2500 Robux.

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