How To Get Gems In Anime Fantasy

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Want to know How To Get Gems In Anime Fantasy? Our guide explains the best (and quickest) way you can get gems in Anime Fantasy!

You can play Anime Fantasy on the official Roblox website. If you’re already a player, we have an Anime Fantasy Portals guide as well as an Anime Fantasy Raids guide you can check out.

How To Get Gems In Anime Fantasy

Let’s take a look!

What Are Gems?

Think of gems as the currency in Anime Fantasy. They let you purchase units as well as other items in the game. You are given 100 gems when you start playing, but if you want to progress in the game and get stronger, you’ll need more than that!

What Is The Quickest Way?

The quickest way to get gems in Anime Fantasy is by playing in Infinite Mode. For those who don’t know, there are three different game modes available in Anime Fantasy, and they all offer different things.

Infinite Mode has an infinite number of waves for you to participate in, compared to Story Mode which only has 15 waves. The more you progress in Infinite Mode, the stronger the enemies you face will be.

You will be awarded gems during each battle for defeating enemies, however the number varies depending on the wave. However, the higher wave you are in, the more gems you will get.

The gems start rolling in at around wave 75. Although it may sound like a long time before you reach that wave, it’s a great practice! Participating in battles will allow you to perfect your skills and claim some great rewards in the process. Once you’re at around wave 75, the amount of gems you will receive after each wave will increase. By that point, you’re sure to have had loads of practice in battle, so you should have no problem defeating enemies!

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