How To Get Haki In Legacy Piece

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Looking to unlock your full fist-fighting potential? Well, Haki is a good way to go. This power is already in-game, and not that hard to pick up if you know the secret location, and you have a bit of Beli to your name. In our guide on how to get Haki in Legacy Piece, we tell you where to find the trainer, and what you need to do to obtain your mastery.

Legacy Piece is available to play now on Roblox! Got some other questions on the powers available in the game? Try our Legacy Piece fruit guide.

How To Get Haki In Legacy Piece

Let’s get into it.

About Haki

Haki is a technique that allows a person to enhance their attacks by drawing on the energy of their soul. This turns your fists a black color when activated with TAB, and lets you bypass certain defenses in a fight.

How To Get Haki

You get Haki from the NPC Ex-Shogun Daichi on Haki Island. You find Haki Island South East of Baratie or South South East of Foosha. Sail there and make your way to the very top peak of the island to find the trainer. Speak to him and he’ll give you a series of tasks to do. We’ve detailed them below!

  • Pay 2500 Beli to start training Haki.
  • Find a hidden scroll on the island. This is to the right once you’re at the bottom of the ladder, hidden behind a tree.
  • Return to Daichi with the scroll.
  • Fight the King Gorilla boss on the island. King Gorilla should be in the clearing at the bottom of the ladder.
  • Return to Daichi.
  • Fight the King Lion boss, this should also be in the large clearing.
  • Return to Ex-Shogun Daichi one last time to get your Haki.

Now just equip Haki and you’re good to go!

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