How To Get Mask Cracks In Type Soul Guide

The image shows my Adjuchas avatar inside Hueco Mundo which is enitrely greyscale with a pitch black sky. The Adjuchas has glowing red eyes and is hunched on all fours

Thanks to the Type Soul overhaul, Adjuchas enjoy an increased spawn rate around Hueco Mundo. This makes the mask process easier, so let’s get into my How To Get Mask Cracks In Type Soul Guide. Here, I tell you how to get Mask Cracks, and what they’re used for!

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How To Get Mask Cracks In Type Soul Guide

Mask Cracks are used for Adjuchas to become Vastolorde. Naturally, this means they’re only beneficial to those who selected the Hollow faction when entering the game. Around Hueco Mundo, various evolutions of Hollows will spawn, and obtaining Mask Cracks is as simple as farming Adjuchas until you undergo evolution.

There’s a few things to note before diving into Hueco Mundo. You’ll begin as a Fishbone Hollow, followed by a Menos, Adjuchas and finally, the Vastolorde. Before hunting Adjuchas, you should become an Adjuchas yourself. As you defeat and absorb fellow mobs you’ll generate EXP and auto-evolve through each stage. Naturally, each evolution is stronger than its previous. Battling Adjuchas before you’re ready will only serve for you to get pummelled…

Brief Adjuchas Guide – All About Masks

Adjuchas are recognised by their hunched stance, often on all fours, with thick hair spiked down their back. Their faces are masked by a kitsune-style covering with an unnerving straight-tooth smile and glowing eyes through each eye socket.

As a Hollow, you have the option to pull off your mask anytime to become an Arrancar. This can be done by hitting the CTRL + K keybind. Depending on the type of Hollow you are when you rip off the mask will determine your Arrancar strength. This means a Vastolorde is the strongest evolution you can undergo before taking off your mask. Concluding my guide on why you should hunt for Mask Cracks, and how!

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