How To Get Sukuna In Second Piece

Feature image for our guide on how to get Sukuna in Second Piece. It shows the NPC Sukuna, a pink-haired character with face tattoos, standing on the starting island.

Ready to raise a Malevolent Shrine? There are ways to get your hands on the power of the King Of Curses even in Second Piece. More than one way, in fact. Our guide on how to get Sukuna in Second Piece covers everything you need to know.

Second Piece is a Roblox game that lets you set sail on an adventure through a world inspired by the hit series One Piece. Fight with your fists, a variety of weapons, and even the mythical Devil Fruit.. ahem, sorry, ‘Demon Fruit’ to gain supernatural powers. There are plenty of quests to take in order to help you advance.

You might see a few faces from other anime, too.

Want to give it a try? Check the game out on Roblox. After more Second Piece? Take a look at our Second Piece tier list.

How To Get Sukuna In Second Piece

So here’s where it gets weird. There are two kinds of Sukuna you can get. We’ll cover both.

Sukuna (Beginner Island)

You can find one Sukuna on the starting island with an offer of a spec. This is the less powerful of the two.

  • Head to Forgotten Isle.
  • Defeat Sukuna for a chance to get a Sukuna Finger.
  • Once you have 5 Sukuna Fingers, head back to the starting Island and speak to the Sukuna NPC to get the Sukuna Spec.

Sukuna (Half Power)

Ironically, this is the more powerful spec. You can acquire it through the following steps.

  • Complete the steps above to obtain Sukuna Fingers until you acquire 10 Sukuna Fingers.
  • Make your way to Chxmei Island.
  • Head into the building there and speak to the NPC there to trade 10 Sukuna Fingers and 500 Gems
  • Head to Niflheim Island.
  • Speak to the NPC next to the bridge and pay the fee to summon Half Power Sukuna.
  • Head to Ape Island and head up the hill to the right of the jetty to the Sukuna NPC standing on the cliff.
  • Speak to him and trade the King Of Curses Soul and 5000 Gems for Sukuna (Half Power)

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