How to Get the Bad Ending in Roblox Faithless Plus All Badges

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Want to join the bad side? Are you wondering how to get the bad ending in Roblox Faithless + all badges? Keep reading to find out.

The story-driven Roblox game Faithless is a retro horror game based on the movie The Exorcist as well and the videogame Faith. The aim of the game is to save Billy – who’s been possessed. But as you’re here to play the bad ending… you won’t be saving him. Keep reading to find out what to do instead.

Want to get the bad ending yourself? Check out the game on the official Roblox website. Or do you want to join the good side? If so, check out our guide on How to Get the True Ending in Roblox Faithless.

How to Get the Bad Ending in Roblox Faithless

Are you ready?

Get The Key From The Church

When you’re in the church, walk to the piano and pick up the golden key laying on top of it. Walk to the opposite side of the church and follow the stairs going down. You’ll reach a small room with a gun on a table – pick that up (you’ll also be given a badge in doing so). Make sure to not use it yet, as you won’t be given the bad ending.

Defeat Possessed Billy

Continue playing the game as normal and complete the boss fight. After this, use the gun on Billy. He’ll disappear but after this, the priest warns you that he is still out there.

Badges List

For the endings:

  • True End – 5.2% rarity (Tip: See our other guide on how to complete this!)
  • Good End– 21.4% rarity
  • Bad End– 2.6% rarity

Other badges:

  • Imprisoned– 48.2% (Become imprisoned by the demonic hand)
  • No longer human– 100% (Witness Billy’s last moments as a human)
  • Possessed– 43%
  • Pianist– 16.8% (Find the pianist)
  • A gun with one bullet– 18.2% (Get the gun before the boss fight)
  • Billy’s Teddy– 4.4% (Get Billy’s teddy bear)
  • Holy reunion– 17.5%

Good luck getting all of those badges and endings!

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