How To Get The Dog In Break In 2 Guide

Feature image for our how to get the dog in Break In 2 guide, showing an in-game screen with the noitce showing the dog's favorite food.

Want man’s best friend on your side? Well, we’re here to help! Our how to get the dog in Break In 2 guide goes over how to recruit this particular NPC.

Break In 2 is a Roblox game where you and some other players find your innocent camping trip going horribly wrong. Trying to avoid the weather you wander into a building looking for shelter, only to discover you’ve blundered into a villain hideout! You have a short amount of time to train up and defend yourselves, so train, get hold of weaponry, and try to outlast the waves of henchmen coming your way.

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How To Get The Dog In Break In 2 Guide

Here we’ll try and cover everything you need to know.

The Dog’s Location

Twado the dog is in his kennel outside the secret villain base. You can find it by stepping out of the main doors and turning left. The way through it is along a winding path with areas of dangerous ice you’ll need to jump over.

It’s easier to make the jumps if you level your speed via the treadmills in the base. At the end of the path, Twado sits in his kennel. Unfortunately, he won’t follow you if you go there empty handed! You’ll need to bring an item with you to earn his truth.

Befriending The Dog

To win Twado’s trust, you need to offer him his favorite food.

How do you find out what the food is?

Head to the noticeboard on the second floor of the main room. Keep tapping the paper on the board until it all falls off, then interact with the notice underneath. It will show his favorite food.

Get the food from vending machines, or pick it up around the base. Getting a few extras is helpful too. Once you’ve got it, head back out.

Bringing The Dog Back

Once Twado is your friend, you just need to get him back to the base. He will follow you along the path, but slipping on the ice will upset him and he’ll stop. If you want him to follow again, provide some more food. Once you get back to the base, Twado joins the NPC squad, and’ll pitch in in fights. Nice!

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