How to Get the True Ending in Roblox Faithless

A Roblox character in Faithless.

Wondering how to get the true ending in Roblox Faithless? Keep reading to find out… if you dare.

The Roblox game Faithless is based on the popular horror movie The Exorcist as well and the videogame Faith. The aim of the game is to save Billy – who’s been possessed. With nothing but a cross to help you, you’ll definitely need some faith to get you through.

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How to Get the True Ending in Roblox Faithless

Lets get started!

Pick Up the Teddy Bear

The first thing you need to do in order to get the true ending is to find the brown and yellow teddy bear and add it into your inventory. You should find it inside the jail cell. Once you get in add it to your inventory! It’s so cute, it’s hard to miss. Now, continue the game as usual until you reach Billy’s last exorcism.

Hold the Bear in Your Inventory

After finishing Billy’s exorcism, hold the bear out of your inventory. You’ll see the message ‘The teddy resonates with Billy’s soul’ pop up. After a few seconds, your screen will go white and you will be transported to a new room.

Interact With the Crosses

Once you’re in the new room (the teddy will now be blue) interact with the three crosses on the wall and turn them the right way up. After this, the door will open.

Free the lost soul

Once you walk out of the door, follow the hallway until you see a black figure (a lost soul) crouched down. Wave your cross at the lost soul until it disappears.

After this, the door will unlock. Walk through the door and you will see a room with multiple candles and a light blue teddy bear.

Save Billy!

You’re nearly there – all you need to do now is wave your cross at the coffin until you see Billy’s body start to form again. You see the hands around him disappear and Billy will wake up with a smile on his face.

If you got this far, congratulations! You have received the true ending.

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