How To Leave A Division Type Soul Guide

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Having Division buyer’s remorse? Which of the twelve you pick as a Soul Reaper has a big influence on your gameplay experience, so it’s no shame to have a few regrets. Fortunately, it’s nothing that you can’t take back. Our how to leave a Division Type Soul guide runs over how to step down from your placement and find a new home for your Shinigami.

Want to play some Type Soul? It’s available now on Roblox. We’ve also got a Type Soul Best Division guide to help you along in picking another Division once you get out of your existing one.

How To Leave A Division Type Soul Guide

Now let’s get to the important stuff.

About Divisions

Divisions are groups you join in the Soul Society as part of growth in the Soul Reaper upgrade path. You don’t need to worry about them as a Quincy or Arrancar. As a Soul Reaper, these Divisions have very different types of quests needed to advance beyond Grade 2. They range from healing, players, to reaching certain locations, to PVP, to PVE.

Obviously, you want one that suits your playstyle, so you might want to bail if the Division you picked is not your thing.

How To Leave A Division

To leave your Division, you need to find the NPC Khaotxc, in the Soul Society. You find him stood under one archways in the outer wall. It’s on the side with the castle, and the side opposite the large blue gate. If you head down the castle steps and through the bamboo garden, he’s directly on your left when you pass under the arch.

Speak to him, he’ll ask if you want to leave your Division. Just hit ‘Yes’ and you’re done!

You’re now free to sign up with a new Division.

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