How To Play Clock In – A Beginner’s Guide

Feature image for our how to play Clock In guide. It shows a gloomy view of a convenience store.

 Looking to try and get through an eventful night in Clock In? Well, we’re here to help! In our how to play Clock In guide, we go over what you need to get started on your dangerous shift.

Clock In is a Roblox game where you work a night shift in a lonely convenience store. There aren’t many customers around, but you soon get the distinct impression that you’re not alone. Keep on completing your tasks, but try to avoid your unwanted guest.

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How To Play Clock In Guide

Here we’ll try and cover each of the tasks you need to carry out to get through your shift.

Clock In

This one is pretty simple. Head in through the front door and make your way to the staff area of the store. Find the punch-clock on the wall and interact with it. Done!

Find The Broom And Clean Up

For this one you’ll need to go outside and get a broom from the shed. You can activate your flashlight in your tools to help you see outside, though keep in mind you can’t interact with anything else while holding it.

The shed can be found around the right side of the building, near the dumpsters. Go inside and pick up the broom, you’ll then be able to equip it.

Then all you need to do is make your way around the store, interacting with any piles or trash you see. Watch out, there might be a jumpscare or two.

Collect The Cash From The Registers

This is another simple enough task. You need to approach the two registers at the front of the store and hold your interaction command to collect the cash. You might get spooked though, so be on guard for that.

Get Packages From The Storage Room And Restock Part One

In this task, you need to pick up crates of stock from the staff area at the back of the store and bring them to the shelves. You can equip the package to see the shelf you need to use it on outlined in white. Keep going until suddenly the lights turn off. Now things are getting real.

Restart The Generator

Head outside and over to the generator, which is out on the left side of the building. Hold down the interact button to try and start the generator, but don’t hold your breath.

The Intruder

From here on out you and your fellow employees won’t be alone in the building. A figure wanders around the area. If he finds you then it’s game over. You’ll need to avoid him. This can be done by keeping a close eye on the signs. The static on the screen will get worse when he’s nearby, and you’ll hear white noise on the audio.

When you hear the signs, retreat into the staff area.

Get Packages From The Storage Room And Restock Part Two

Continue the task more or less as you did in part one. You’ll need to find the correct shelf and interact with it. Keep an eye out for the approach of the entity.

Throw Out The Trash Bags

This is relatively simple to carry out. Pick up the trash bags from the staff area and carry them out to the dumpsters. You’ll need to do this one at a time. Be aware of the signs that you’re being approached.

Count The Drinks In The Fridges And Input At Computer

This one is a bit tricky. You need to interact with the drink shelves near the staff area door, and find the number of drinks in each. You can use the chat function to keep track of the numbers, though if you’re in a group, make sure you’re not logging the numbers twice. Once you have checked them all, add them together and enter the number into the computer in the staff area.

Clean The Windows

Another relatively simple task, head to the front of the store and hold to interact with each of the windows. Make sure to get out of the way if any of the signs that you’re in danger show up.

End Your Shift

Nearly there! Once you get this message, all you need to do is make your way outside, to the bus stop closeby and wait for the bus to arrive. Be careful when making your way out.

Congratulations! You now know how to play Clock In! Now you’ve just got to put it to the test. Good luck out there.

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