How To Play Descent On Roblox – A Beginner’s Guide

Our feature image for our guide on how to play Descent on Roblox. It shows the hub area, with a reactor core glowing blue.

Ready to venture into the monster-filled depths of underground facilities looking for jerry cans? No? Well tough, that’s your job now. Don’t worry, though. We’re here to make that job easier and hopefully keep you alive long enough to meet your quota. Oh yeah, there’s a quota. We’ll get into that in a moment. Our guide on how to play Descent on Roblox runs over what you need to get started in your new and terrifying career.

DESCENT is free to play on Roblox. We’ve also got a guide on Roblox Descent Monsters.

How To Play Descent On Roblox

We’ve split the guide into sections to make things easy to find.

Starting Out

Once you’ve been through the lobby and picked your team size, the floor will fall out and drop you into a pool of fanta… well that’s what it looks like. You wake up sometime later in your fanta pod, and have to smash your way out by hitting the Interact button several times. (E is the default on a keyboard.)

Once you’re free, you’ll find yourself in your SAS. There are spare flashlights and even a few items to trade.

There are several things here that you need to know about.

  • The Elevator – This sends you down to the facilities to start an expedition.
  • The Shop – This lets you buy useful items with your credits, like flashlights, walkie-talkies, and shields.
  • The Drop-Off – You can drop items you want to sell on this platform and hit the button next to them to send them away and get cash. What you earn from this goes toward your quota.
  • The Main Screen – This lets you see the area you’re headed to, select a stage, see your current quota, and how far you are to hitting it.

Basic Gameplay

The object of Descent is to venture into different facility levels via the Elevator, find useful items inside, and bring them back to the shop level to trade them in for money. You need to make enough money each two days to meet your quota, which is shown on the main screen. If you don’t… well it’s bad news for you.

Entering The Facilities

To start an expedition, all players need to head into the elevator and send it down. It will arrive at another floor, a dark and mostly abandoned area. It’s up to you to explore and find anything valuable and take them back to the Elevator.

Once in the Elevator, you can return the items to the main area at the end of an expedition, or elect to do down another floor to advance the day and take another run. Make sure to trade in your items before the days run out!

The Monsters

Various creepy critters inhabit the areas, and they can be anything from a welcome sight to swift death depending on the type. Learning each of their behaviors and strategies to deal with them is key to success. We go other this in more detail in the Monsters Guide linked above!

Other Dangers

Monsters aren’t the only hazard to worry about, though.

  • Turrets – These automatic turrets scan around with a laser sight and sound an alarm when they spot you, before firing off lots of rounds in your direction if you haven’t gotten out of line of sight. They can only see you if the laser sight makes contact with you, so use that to your advantage.
  • Drops – There are some tricky jumps to areas in the facilities. Fall damage is in effect, so dropping too far is the end for you.
  • Power – As you’re exploring you might get a notification that the power is low. This is a bit

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