How To Play GEF Roblox – A Beginner’s Guide

Feature image for our guide on how to play GEF Roblox. It shows a Giant Evil Face floating down toward the player from a watchtower.

The Giant Evil Faces are here, and you’ve got to survive! This Roblox horror game pits you against a horde of floating monsters that all want to bite you. It’s a bit scary, but don’t despair! Our guide on how to play GEF Roblox gives you the lowdown on the basics so you won’t be left alone and confused in the doomed town.

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How To Play GEF Roblox Guide

Here are the important things you need to know to survive in GEF.


Giant Evil Faces, or GEFs are your main enemy in the game. These are exactly what the name suggests. They’re creepy flying heads which are very aggressive. If one detects you, it will fly towards you and try to bite you with its big teeth.

GEFs can be killed, either by hitting them with a melee weapon several times, or shooting them twice with a gun.

GEFs are found in buildings during the day, and spawn in large numbers are night.


You can find different items around town that have different uses. You can only carry four items at once, and can drop unwanted items with Q. Wth items stay on the map, but other players can pick them up.

  • Candy Bar – This restores some of your health.
  • First Aid Kit – This restores your health.
  • Crowbar – You can use this as a weapon, and to break wooden boards.
  • Bat – A melee weapon.
  • Lantern – You can place these on the floor to create a light source.
  • Hammer – You can use this to build wooden boards.
  • Energy Drink – Gives you unlimited stamina for a short time.

Building A Base And Surviving The Night

GEF has a day and night cycle. You find GEFs during the day quite often, but things get a lot more dangerous at night. One way to make things less dangerous is fortifying a base from one of the buildings in town. You can use a hammer to board up the windows.

A large number of GEFs will spawn at night, with a notification telling you when it happens.

GEFs can attack and destroy boards, but you can put more in place if you have the hammer. It’s possible to place them faster than GEFs can eat them.


Some nights you will get a notification that just reads ‘RUN’.
This is bad, very bad.

A huge GEF will come after you. Barriers won’t help as the boss GEF breaks straight through walls and destroys buildings. Your only option is to run away and try to stay one step ahead until sunrise.

Hints And Tips

Here are a few short tips we’ve found through playing that might give you the edge.

  • When fighting a GEF in melee, try to jump on top of it. They usually attack downwards so you can often avoid their teeth.
  • Bases with fewer or smaller windows mean less to board up.
  • Hit R to reload firearms.

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