How To Turn On Lights In A Dusty Trip

Feature image for our guide on how to turn on lights in A Dusty Trip. It shows a desert road stretching ahead in-game.

Feeling like taking a.. long drive but getting a bit lost after dark? Well, you can improve your visibility pretty dramatically with lights… but starting them up, and even getting them in the first place, can be a trail. Our guide on how to turn on lights in a dusty trip explains the process of installing them, and turning them on.

A Dusty Trip is available to play now on Roblox. Want to take some more hazardous road trips? We’ve got a guide on The Long Drive Svintusov.

How To Turn On Lights In A Dusty Trip

We’ll go over how to make the lights work first, then talk a little about how to find the light switch in the car.

How To Install Lights On Your Car

The first reason you might not be able to turn your lights on is.. not having lights. Sounds obvious, but they’re not attached to your vehicle when you load into a run, and you don’t need them to get the go-ahead to drive from the tutorial.

Lights are found around the garage area in the starting house, there are two to install. Pick them up, bring them to the front of the car, and press F to install them once you’re hovering over the right spot. Z just sticks them to the car.

Turning On The Lights

The lights on your Dusty Trip car don’t have a hotkey, which might explain why some finding it confusing. So where is the control to turn it on? Where it is in your average car, it’s on the dashboard. Hover over the switch to the right of the steering wheel, and hit the LMB or its binding to turn the lights on.

Lights should turn on and illuminate the road immediately in front of you.

Hit the switch again to turn the lights off. Simple enough!

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