How To Upgrade Weapons In Demon Piece

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Wondering how to upgrade weapons in Demon Piece? Our guide is here to help you upgrade all your Demon Piece weapons to make sure they are as strong as they can be!

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How To Upgrade Weapons In Demon Piece

Let’s find out how to upgrade your weapons!

Go To The Blacksmith

The Blacksmith can be found in Logue Town in the building with the blue roof. From there, select the weapon you wish to upgrade. Each weapon requires certain materials for it to be upgraded, and this will also depend on the rarity of your weapon. Rarer weapons will need rarer materials, which are harder to find. Make sure you have all the necessary materials when going to upgrade!

Talk To The Blacksmith

When interacting with the Blacksmith, simply select which weapon you wish to upgrade. Before upgrading, you will be able to see the new statistics of the weapon, so you can decide if it is worth upgrading!

Keep Upgrading!

With certain weapons, you can upgrade them more than once. Simply upgrade up the weapons skill level. However keep in mind that the more you upgrade, the more materials you will need. Rare and mythical weapons can usually only be upgraded once as they are already quite powerful, whereas lower weapons have more chances to be upgraded and made stronger.

Find Materials

Different weapons require different materials that are needed to upgrade them. Below is a list of the most common materials you will need for upgrading weapons.

  • Copper Nuggets – found in chests
  • Leather – found in chests or given by NPCs
  • Wood Plank – found by destroying trees
  • Fiber Ropes – found in chests or given by NPCs
  • Gunpowder– given by NPCs
  • Hardened Glass – found in chests or by defeating NPCs
  • Fish Scales – given by NPCs
  • Tree Sap – breaking trees in the jungle or given by NPCs
  • Gorilla Fur– dropped by the Gorilla boss
  • Steel Alloy – found in chests or by the Guard Captain NPC
  • Spirit Gem – found in chests
  • Sunlight Stone – dropped by enemies
  • Aurora Steel and Angel Feather – dropped by the Guard Captain
  • Mystic Pearls – found in chests or given by NPCs
  • Dragon Scales – dropped by the Sand Dragon
  • Giant’s Bone – dropped by Giant bosses
  • Timeless Wood – destroying trees
  • White Plume Essence – destroying the Smoke Admiral
  • Diamond – found in chests
  • Dragon’s Heartstone – defeat the Sea Beast
  • Celestial Shard – dropped by the Thunder God
  • Armament, Observation, Stat Points, and Race Orbs – dropped by bosses

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