How To Use A Mount In Swordburst 3

Feature image for our guide on how to use a mount in Swordburst 3. It shows a player character sat on a wolf mount on a cliff top.

Want to get an animal friend to help you in your travels and get around a little faster? It’s easy when you know how. Our guide on how to use a mount in Swordburst 3 runs over how to buy a steed of your very own, and how to use them when you have them.

Swordburst 3 is a Roblox game that tosses you into a wide-open RPG world. It comes complete with an impressive combat system that lets you wield a bunch of different weapons, swing on enemies in real time, and dodgy their attacks with your impeccable sense of timing… you’ve got one of those, right?

Want to try it for yourself? Check out Swordburst 3 on Roblox. More on Enchants? Try out Swordburst 3 enchants tier list.

How To Use A Mount In Swordburst 3

Here’s all you need to know!

About Mounts

Mounts are creatures you can ride on for some help getting around the Swordburst open world. They can be bought from the NPC Mount Trainer Todd. You can trade with Todd for a bunch of different mounts, but you’ll need to trade for some crafting items, usually dropped by the enemy variation of the creature. You can trade these along with Vel or Gems.

The speed and size of your mount is partially randomized, and you can reroll these traits.

How To Equip Your Mount

So you’ve got your mount, what now?

  • Hit the ‘Menu’ button on the bottom right of your health bar.
  • Open your inventory tab, on the top left of the menu top bar.
  • Select the ‘Mounts’ section at the bottom of the right panel in the inventory.
  • Select the mount you want to equip.
  • Hit ‘Equip’.
  • Back in the game, unequip your weapon and tap the mount in your hotbar.
  • On the keyboard you can just select the corresponding hotbar place on the keyboard straight away, this is usually ‘3’.

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