Legacy Piece Best Race Guide

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On the rerolling grind but don’t know when to stop? Our Legacy Piece Best Race guide approaches the surprisingly complex topic of the player races, and which you want to roll.. the answer might not be the most obvious one.

Legacy Piece is out now on Roblox. If you want just the current stats, there’s a Legacy Piece races guide as well.

Legacy Piece Best Race Guide

So the best race question is a little complicated. Some player races come with much better stats or opportunities to upgrade, but aren’t always available. So, we’ve split this into different sections.

The Best Race: Sulong Mink

The best race in the game is the Sulong Mink. These have extra stamina, extra health, extra speed, extra damage, they don’t suffer low health penalities, and they can access the Electro style.

So get that race, right? Wrong. The Sulong Mink is for developers and advanced testers only, at least for the moment. So unless you were around in the testing phase, it’s time to move on to the next candidate…

The Best Obtainable Race In Theory: Oni

The next in the running for best race is the Oni. These absolute units are one of the rarest races to roll, and on paper they come with massive buffs to health and damage. There is a downside though, a reduction in speed.

Unfortunately according to various player reports on the official Discord the stat boosts for the Oni aren’t functioning properly, meaning that Oni characters are just slow. That’s not ideal. The issue should be fixed soon, but in the interim, you might want to give Oni a miss.. so that leaves..

The Current Best Race: Mink

The cousin of the Sulong Mink, these might not be quite as jacked as their dev-only counterparts, but they have a lot going for them. They’re faster, they have better stamina, and importantly they can access the exclusive Electro fighting style. This gives you more options when building your character.

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