Legacy Piece Island Levels Guide

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There’s a whole sea out there to explore, but you might not be ready for all it has to offer right now. Worried about hopping out onto a new location only to get punched straight back to where you came from? It’s definitely a problem. Fortunately, our Legacy Piece island levels guide goes over the intended order of progression, where to find the islands, and what level you ideally should be when you get there.

Legacy Piece is out now on Roblox. We’ve also got a Legacy Piece boats guide for help in the best way to get there.

Legacy Piece Island Levels Guide

Here we’ll detail each of the islands, their levels, and where to find them. We’ve split them into main islands, which are key to progression, and special islands, which serve mostly as trainer locations.

Main Islands

These are islands with a host of different quests and bosses.

Foosha Island – Recommended Levels 1-15

  • Starting Island
  • Contains the early main quests.
  • Boss is Higuma The Bandit.

Alvida Island – Recommended Levels 15-25

  • Located to the East of Foosha Island (If sailing from the Southern part of the Island.)
  • Boss is Alvida The Iron Mace.

Shells Town – Recommended Levels 25-40

  • Located Northeast of Alvida Island, or East from Northern tip of Foosha Island.
  • Boss is Axe-Hand Morgan

Shimotsuki Island – Recommended Levels 40-50

  • Located North of Shell’s Town.
  • Boss is The Yeti

Orange Town – Recommend Levels 50-65

  • Location is North West of Shimotsuki Island.
  • Boss is Buggy The Clown

Baratie – Recommended Levels 65-80

  • Location is South West of Foosha Island.
  • Boss is Don Krieg

Mink Island – Recommended Levels 80-95

  • Location is South of Baratie, past Arlong Park, or Northwest of Foosha Island.
  • Boss is Wolfram.

Arlong Park – Recommended Levels 95-99

  • Location is immediately West of Foosha Island.
  • Boss is Saw Shark Arlong.

Special Islands

These are trainer islands, so not essential to visit.. but you might want to!

1ss Island

  • Located Southeast of Shimotsuki Island, or East Northeast of Shells Town.
  • Location of the One Sword Style trainer.

Haki Island

  • Located far South South East of Foosha Island, or South East of Baratie.
  • Location of the Haki Trainer.

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