Legacy Piece Oni Race Guide

Feature image for our Legacy Piece Oni Race Guide shows the wooden bar which Makino works and Shanks sits at with his feet resting against the bar. Both characters have a ! above their head indicating quests

Want to know what the rarest of the races is capable of? This Legacy Piece Oni Race Guide tells you how to roll for a race (and get more rolls), as well as what the Oni race is and its buffs.

Check out Legacy Piece over on Roblox. For more Race guides, have a browse at our Legacy Piece Race Tier List and Legacy Piece Races Guide.

Legacy Piece Oni Race Guide

Despite being alone with an unforgiving 2% roll rate, Oni isn’t the rarest race within Legacy Piece. That title belongs to the Sulong Mink race, which is unobtainable par for the DEVs and Testers who were granted this race.

Oni Race Buffs

Uniquely, Oni is also the only obtainable race with a debuff to counter its buffs. That said, it’s still arguably the best obtainable race currently within Legacy Piece. Those who roll for Oni can enjoy the following stat changes:

  • x2 Health Points
  • x2 Ability Damage
  • x2 Combat Damage
  • Slower movement speed
  • Horns on player head cosmetic

If you can accept walking slower then the Oni race is OP! Doubling all your most important stats. Those lucky enough to roll this race have a huge advantage over other players, needing fewer levels to make notable progress. And, when comparing with players of a similar level Oni’s always have the advantage thanks to their x2 Strength and Health.

How To Roll For A Race

To get rolling for your specie, load up the Legacy Piece game and head to “Customise” from the title screen. When the customise screen loads, you’ll notice a tiny button in the bottom right titled “Spinner”. This widget directs you to the race re-roller.

Upon joining Legacy Piece for the first time you’ll be awarded 3 free rolls, to obtain more after that you’ll need to buy them using Robux or redeem codes. Lucky for you, we have a Legacy Piece Codes Guide.

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