Legacy Piece Races Guide

Feature image for our Legacy Piece Races Guide which shows the character race roll screen. My avatar is central to this image with an open red shirt showing a jolly roger tattoo across his chest in black. White wings can be seen poking above each shoulder on his back with the race title "Skypiea" wrote above

Legacy Piece has launched and you’re racing to see what each race hosts, right? Well, lucky for you I have this Legacy Piece Races Guide which outlines every race, rarity, perks, debuffs and cosmetics.

Check out Legacy Piece over on Roblox. If you’re a fan of One Piece and races guide, we also covered with our GPO Race Buffs Guide and Second Piece Races guide.

Legacy Piece Races Guide

Races offer a plethora of unique buffs and the occasional cosmetic. When joining Legacy Piece, you’ll default to being a Human. To reroll, head to the customise page from the menu screen and on the right side of the screen is the race reroll. The game generously offers 3 rerolls upon launch. To reroll after that you’ll need to purchase more rolls with Robux.

Human – 65% Roll Rate

Despite being the default, this race isn’t all bad. Naturally, human players have no cosmetics to accompany them. But, what they do have is the following buffs:

  • Increased Mastery EXP gain
  • Increased Normal EXP gain
  • Increased Health Regen

Fishman – 18% Roll Rate

If not obvious by the name, Fishman players are half aquatic-half humanoid hybrids. Those belonging to the Fishman clan have a unique skin colour (often oceanic themed such as blues/greens), and a fin on their back.

  • Increased Swim Speed
  • Increased Breath Duration
  • Increased Fist Damage

Skypiean – 10% Roll Rate

The angels of One Piece. Kind of. Skypiean players have large white wings on their backs, however, cannot fly. To make up for the lack of flight this race instead offers the following:

  • Increased Jump Height
  • Increased Stamina

Mink – 5% Roll Rate

Furries! These humanoid animals are recognised for their animal features such as ears and tails. Not to be confused with Fishmen, Minks are primarily land animals. Mink players enjoy the following buffs:

  • Increased Speed
  • Increased Stamina
  • Access to the Electro fighting style

Oni – 2% Roll Rate

Despite the low roll percentage, this is one of the only races which has a debuff. Luckily, it doesn’t outweigh the buffs of this clan. You can recognise Oni users from the horns that adorn the tops of their heads.

  • 2x Health Points
  • 2x Ability Damage
  • 2x Combat Damage
  • Slower movement speed

Sulong Mink (Unobtainable)

This unique race is only available to game DEVs and Testers. Think of it as an advanced Mink which if you don’t have already, you sadly can’t enjoy. Sulong Mink’s have the following buffs:

  • Increased Health
  • Increased Stamina
  • Increased Electro and Fist DMG
  • Isn’t slowed when at low health
  • Access to the Electro fighting style

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