Monster Hunter Now Affinity – What Is It?

Monster Hunter Now statistics screen.

If you have played a Monster Hunter game before, you will likely know what affinity is at this point. However, those new to the series will likely need the help of this Monster Hunter Now affinity guide. In it, I’ll detail exactly what affinity is, how it works, and everything else you need to know about it.

Monster Hunter Now takes Niantic’s Pok√©mon GO formula and applies it to the Monster Hunter universe. You explore your neighbourhood, battling large monsters and looting them for parts. You then craft new weapons and armour that let you take on even more powerful monsters.

You can check out Monster Hunter Now on Google Play. I’ve also put together a Monster Hunter Now palico paintball guide, Monster Hunter Light Bowgun build, and Monster Hunter Now bow build.

Monster Hunter Now Affinity

Now, let’s take a look at everything you need to know about affinity in Monster Hunter Now.

What’s Monster Hunter Now Affinity?

Put simply, affinity is a statistic in Monster Hunter Now that determines your chance to perform a critical hit. When viewing your current loadout in the ‘Equipment’ menu, you can tap ‘View all’ to see your current affinity percentage. This is the exact chance you have to perform a critical hit.

What is a Critical Hit in Monster Hunter Now?

A critical hit is a more powerful version of a regular attack. It deals 25% more damage, and you can tell when you have performed one as you will see a large red flash when your attack connects.

How do I Increase My Affinity?

To increase your affinity, you need to equip weapons and armour sets with an affinity bonus. Certain weapons, like the ‘Kulu Beak’, have a flat affinity increase, while other pieces of equipment, like the ‘Kulu Headpiece’ have the ‘Critical Eye’ equipment skill, which boosts your affinity by a %, depending on the level.

These stack, so you can equip an affinity weapon with a piece of equipment with ‘Critical Eye’ to drastically increase your chances of performing a critical hit.

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