Monster Hunter Now Combo – What Are They?

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Wondering how to pull off a Monster Hunter Now combo? Well, you’re in the right place. In this guide I’m going to detail the exact steps you need to take to pull off one of these manoeuvres. I’ll also recommend the best weapons to use, and when to pull them off. Timing is key with combos, as you will no doubt learn momentarily.

Monster Hunter Now takes the Pok√©mon GO blueprint and applies it to Monster Hunter. It’s also by Niantic, and sees you exploring your very real neighbourhood as you seek monsters to butcher and materials to gather. You then turn all of this into new gear, which allows you to take on even more powerful monsters. If you’re the social type, you can battle alongside your friends and go on adventures together.

Go ahead and grab Monster Hunter Now on Google Play to check it out. I also recommend checking out our Monster Hunter Now level cap, Monster Hunter Now Rathalos, and Monster Hunter Now Great Sword build guides.

Monster Hunter Now Combo

Now, let’s take a look at everything you need to know about Monster Hunter Now combos.

What is a Combo in Monster Hunter Now?

Monster Hunter Now is not Devil May Cry, where combos require you to remember specific button inputs. Instead, a combo triggers any time you attack successively. Or, in other words, hammer the screen with your thumb to pull off combos.

However, I will add some actual advice: to pull off combos more reliably, I recommend using weapons that attack swiftly. The best combo weapons are:

  • Sword and Shield
  • Long Sword
  • Bow

The Sword and Shield has an incredibly fast attack speed, and pulls off combos like it’s easy. Meanwhile, the Long Sword seems tailour fit to be a combo expert. It even rewards you for pulling off combos with its Spirit Blade ability. This helps you extend them.

Bows have an incredibly fast attack speed. While it’s not a traditional combo with a melee weapon, it does help you pull off successive attacks.

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