Monster Hunter Now Joystick – Is There One?

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Trying to play Monster Hunter Now like the real thing? Wish there was a Monster Hunter Now joystick you could use to free roam around in combat? Well, this guide is here to help you. In this guide, I’ll detail if you can use a joystick in Monster Hunter Now, and how to do so if so. I’ll also update this guide if anything changes, so bookmark this page and check back often.

Monster Hunter Now is the latest game by Pokémon GO and Pikmin Bloom makers, Niantic. This one takes place in the Monster Hunter universe, and sees you exploring the real world as you seek out monsters to defeat. You will loot their corpse, gather materials, and use them to craft new gear that will help you take on more powerful monsters. You can even group up with friends.

If you’d like to check out Monster Hunter Now, grab it right now on Google Play. I also recommend checking out our Monster Hunter Now small monsters, Monster Hunter Now tier list, and Monster Hunter Now weapons guides.

Is There a Monster Hunter Now Joystick?

No, there is no Monster Hunter Now joystick. The game doesn’t really need one either, as Capcom and Niantic designed it around fast attacks and dodge rolls.

The controls are as follows: tap to attack, swipe to dodge roll, hit the special attack button to pull off a special attack. You need to fill the bar before this attack becomes available.

Can I Break Specific Monster Parts?

Yes, and it does involve moving around monsters to access the part of their body. For example, to sever the tail, you need to attack the tail, and with the appropriate weapon.

So, without a joystick, how do you get there? Well, by dodge rolling. Up to three dodge rolls is what it takes to get to the tail.

Or, if you’re particularly talented at dodge rolling, you can dodge at the last minute to pull off a perfect dodge, which lasts longer and gets you completely out of danger.

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