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Monster Hunter Now Level Cap – What is It?

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Wondering what the maximum Hunter Rank is in Niantic’s latest monster basher? My Monster Hunter Now level cap guide is here to help. In this article, I’ll provide the exact answer to what the level cap is, and provide you with steps on how to get there faster. If anything changes, be it new ways to gain XP or an increased level cap, I’ll update this guide. Bookmark it!

Monster Hunter Now is Niantic’s latest location-based adventure. Taking cues from Pok√©mon GO and Pikmin Bloom, Monster Hunter Now sees you explore your real-life neighbourhood as you battle monsters, loot them for parts, and gather materials. You then turn all of that into new gear that you can equip to take on even more powerful monsters. That’s the core loop right there.

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Monster Hunter Now Level Cap

The Monster Hunter Now level cap was HR22, but it’s actually unclear what the new cap is. Over on Reddit, certain players are reporting hitting HR60 and HR70, so it’s entirely possible that there isn’t a cap.

Niantic hasn’t made it clear either, so it’s all guesswork at this point. I’ll update this guide as soon as we learn more.

Monster Rank Rewards

Every few levels you achieve, you gain rewards in Monster Hunter Now. Here’s a list of those rewards, and their levels, below. Please note: if a level isn’t listed, you don’t get rewards for achieving it.

  • HR 4:
    • 300 Zenny
    • Equipment Upgrades
  • HR 5:
    • Paintball x1
    • Wander Droplet x1
  • HR 6:
    • 300 Zenny
    • Great Jagras Scale x10
    • Great Jagras Claw x2
    • Iron Ore x8
    • Sharp Claw x4
    • Flowfern x2
    • Paintball x1
    • Group Hunts
    • Weapon and Armour Crafting
    • Friends
  • HR 7:
    • Monster Bone S x2
    • Paintball x1
  • HR 8:
    • Paintball x1
    • Palico Bag (your Palico collects items while you walk around, provided Adventure Sync is turned on)
  • HR 9:
    • Paintball x1
  • HR 10:
    • Paintball x1
  • HR 11:
    • 1,000 Zenny
    • 300 Gems
    • Great Jagras Mane x1
    • Great Jagras Claw x3
    • Machalite Ore x1
    • Great Jagras Scale x4
    • Paintball x1
    • Monsters (2 Stars)
    • Special Quests
    • XP from large monsters
  • HR 15:
    • All Weapon Types Unlocked
  • HR 20:
    • 1,000 Zenny
    • Wander Droplet x1
    • Paintball x1

How do I Gain Hunter Ranks Quickly?

It’s actually quite easy to gain Hunter Ranks in Monster Hunter Now. Well, that might change alongside a future level cap increase, but the road to 22 is surprisingly swift.

Now, before you reach Hunter Rank 11, you are tied into completing the ‘Quests’ to gain levels, so focus on those initially and get out and about to get all of the items and defeat the monsters you need.

If you need to defeat a specific item or monster, pay close attention to the Monster Guide and head to areas of the map where that monster dwells. You can easily see this by zooming out when viewing the map.

After Hunter Rank 11, you want to defeat as many large monsters as you can. You will earn XP for beating them after this point. It’s not a huge amount, but it certainly contributes.

You also want to complete as many Special Quests as possible. These are daily quests that refresh each day. You get three of them, and they are a very lucrative source of XP, as well as Zenny and crafting materials.

Finally, don’t sleep on your main ‘Quests’. While these vary in terms of how much XP they provide, certain features are locked behind completing these.

For example, you need to get to chapter 3 to unlock all of the weapons, even if you’re at the correct Hunter Rank.

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