Monster Hunter Now Maps – Zone Types Listed

A Monster Hunter Now character attacking a monster.

Curious about how the Monster Hunter Now maps system works? This guide is here to help. Here, I’m going to explain how the Monster Hunter Now map works, including the different zones you can explore and why you want to. I’ll also update this guide if anything changes, so bookmark it and check back often.

Monster Hunter Now is the latest location-based game by Niantic, and it takes place in the universe of Capcom’s monster-slaying franchise. You battle monsters, loot their corpse for materials, and gather others while you’re out and about. You then craft new armor and weapons to allow you to take on more challenging monsters with ease.

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Monster Hunter Now Maps

Monster Hunter Now doesn’t take place on a traditional map, with areas to explore at your leisure. Instead, it is a location-based game, so it takes place in your actual neighbourhood. When viewing the map, you are seeing Monster Hunter Locations placed on top of an actual map of your neighbourhood.

So, explore the various different areas in real time to gather yourself some useful materials and encounter more powerful large monsters.

What Are the Different Map Types?

Monster Hunter Now features various different map types, including:

  • Forest
  • Desert
  • Swamp

The different areas feature different monsters to defeat, and items to collect. You can check in the guide to see which monsters inhabit which areas. This will help you encounter the type of monsters you want to face within the game.

The different zones are colour-coded in-game. If you pinch to zoom out, you can see what type of zone you are in, as well as the zones that are nearby. Here are the different colours and what they mean:

  • Grey: Swamp
  • Green: Forest
  • Yellow: Desert

How to Check Your Monster Guide

To check your monster guide, follow these steps:

  • Tap on your avatar (bottom left)
  • Hit ‘Monster Guide’
  • Tap on a monster to see the types of environments you can find them in

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