Monster Hunter Now Party – How to Create and Join

Monster Hunter Now.

Want to form a Monster Hunter Now party? Can’t figure out how to join an existing one? I have all of the answers you could possibly need in this guide. I’ll cover the basics of starting a party, how to share it with your friends, and how to join an existing party. I’ll also update this guide whenever anything changes, so I recommend that you bookmark this guide and check back often.

Monster Hunter Now is the latest location-based game by Niantic, the makers of Pokémon GO. You explore your surroundings, defeating monsters, gathering materials, and crafting new gear and upgrades. You can then take on even more powerful monsters and do it all over again. This is the Monster Hunter way.

You can grab Monster Hunter Now on Google Play. We’ve also got a Monster Hunter Now codes guide, Monster Hunter Now monsters list, and Monster Hunter Now weapons guide.

Monster Hunter Now Party Guide

Now, let’s take a look at everything you need to know about the Monster Hunter Now party system.

How To Form a Party

To form a party, follow these steps:


If you have found a monster near you on the world map, here are the steps to form a party:

  • Find a large monster that you wish to fight
  • Select ‘Hunt with nearby hunters’
  • Hit ‘Begin’ and wait for other hunters to join your party
    • For this step, it might be worth inviting your nearby friends along to guarantee the spots

You only get about 90 seconds to form a party, so make sure you and your friends are in close proximity before you begin.


If you found the large monster via the paintball system, here’s how to form a party:

  • Tap the paintball button
  • Select the monster you wish to fight
  • Hit ‘Hunt together using QR code’
  • Hit ‘OK’
  • Allow your friends to scan the QR code. Up to three can join you in the hunt
  • Hit ‘Start hunting’ when you’re ready

You get two minutes to find a party using this method so, again, make sure your friends are physically in your presence when you start the fight.

This method only works with nearby players, though we haven’t actually tested it by sending the QR code to a friend. Perhaps that might also work.

How to Join a Party

To join a party, there are two different methods, just like above. You can either find a large monster in the world, and hit ‘Hunt together’ to see if any other players are queueing up to fight it, or, use a QR code.

For the latter, you need to be near a friend who has found a monster using a paintball. You then scan the QR code on their phone to battle monsters together. Simple!

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