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Monster Hunter Now Referral Code – What is It and How to Share

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Just started Monster Hunter Now and got to the screen asking for a referral code? Well, you need my Monster Hunter Now referral code guide. Not only will I provide you with a referral code for use, but I’ll teach you how to share your own with friends who want to play. I’ll also detail what you get for referring a friend so you know what to expect.

Monster Hunter Now is a location-based mobile game by Niantic, the makers of Pokémon GO. You explore your real world location on a map, battle monsters, and collect materials. You then turn those materials into new gear and weapons to allow you to take on more powerful monsters. And so the cycle repeats.

You can grab Monster Hunter Now on Google Play. We’ve also got a Monster Hunter Now party guide, Monster Hunter Now codes list, and a Monster Hunter Now monsters guide.

Monster Hunter Now Referral Code

When you first boot up Monster Hunter Now, it will ask you for a referral code. If you don’t have one to place in the list, you can use mine to get yourself a gift when you reach Hunter Rank 6:

  • HEW53TFX

What Gifts do You Get?

If you fill in the referral code when you start playing, you and the friend who sent it will get the following gifts:

  • Paintball x3
  • Potion x5
  • Zenny x300

All of these items are super useful, so it’s definitely worth using a referral code. Remember though: you and your friend only get the gifts when you reach Hunter Rank 6.

Where Can I Find My Referral Code?

To find your referral code, follow these steps:

  • Launch Monster Hunter Now
  • Tap on your avatar (bottom left)
  • Click ‘View’ on the QR code button
  • Scroll down to find your referral code at the very bottom of the page

Where Can I Get More Referral Codes?

Check out the comments section in this guide, where a bunch of our dear readers have posted their referral codes. Please redeem theirs if ours is unavailable.

I’d also encourage you to post your own referral code in the comments, as other players can then redeem it for their own rewards in-game.

Monster Hunter Now is a social game, after all, and we want to help you make the most of it by providing a space that you can use to share your freebies!

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