Monster Hunter Now Weapons Guide

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Arming yourself for the hunt and need to know a few details? We’re here to help out. Our Monster Hunter weapons guide gives a bit of info on each of the weapons, their special abilities, and where the ones missing have gone.

Monster Hunter now is a new game from location-based games King, Niantic. Think of it like Pokémon Go, but instead of catching the monsters you find roaming around the world, you go and fight them with a sword or a big hammer. Collect trophies from your victories and turn them into the all-new kit.

Check out the Google Play page for more info!

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Monster Hunter Now Weapons Guide

Here we’ll go over each of the weapons in brief.

Sword And Shield

This is the weapon you’ll get to start with, and it’s a good all-rounder that balances offense and defense. Nothing showy, but its gets the job done.

  • Skill – Perfect Rush Combo – A dash followed up by a multi-hit attack.

Great Sword

The big boy. This huge and heavy sword is unlocked by leveling, and favors big swings over fast attacks. While you get fewer hits in at once, the hit packs a big punch.

  • Skill – True Charged Slash – A big single swing for a great deal of damage.

Long Sword

A Long Sword is a.. long sword. It’s got an elegant, elongated blade used for a flurry of attacks. Using it fills a Spirit Gauge, though taking damage depletes the gauge once again.

  • Skill – Spirit Helm Breaker – A leap into the air followed by a drop and a strike.


Smash! The hammer is a heavy weapon that swings hard at targets with blunt attacks. It’s a bit faster than the Great Sword, but lower than lighter gear.

  • Skill – Spinning Bludgeon – A multi-hit spin followed up by a heavy whack.


A large longbow that lets you use up to four different types of arrows to hit for attacks at medium range.

  • Skill – Dragon Piercer – A strong single shot from the bow.

Light Bowgun

Lightbowgun is a long-range weapon that lets you try different types of ammunition, with the ammo type forming a key factor in your prep for a hunt.

  • Skill – Wyvernblast Counter – A powerful explosive shot from the bowgun at the target.

Where Are The Rest Of Them?

No Dual Blades? No Gunlance? There’s no Insect Glaive?! Don’t panic! If your favorite weapon is missing, your parting from it shouldn’t be forever. The official site states that more weapons are on their way, so you have something to look forward to in future updates.

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