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MU Origin: A guide through its update

MU Origin

There are some massive new additions to MU Origin in its latest update. Version 1.7 adds some new PvP modes, as well as a couple of different upgrade systems. In this guide we’ll walk you through the new additions so you know exactly what’s going on before you jump in.

Battle Core

Battle Core is an all server event. That means players from any server can compete with each other. It runs daily at three specific server times: 12:30 to 13:30, 16:30 to 17:30, and 22:00 to 23:00.

The aim of the mode is to earn points by collecting chalices and defeating opposing players. The first team to reach 1000 points, or the team that has the most points at the end of the battle, will be crowned the victors. Battles last 10 minutes, and you can jump into a new one fight once the one you’re playing has ended.

Capturing the chalice gives you 40 points. This involves grabbing the chalice from your opponent’s camp and then returning it to your own. You’ll get 8 points for eliminating an opposing player. Knock out a player carrying the chalice and it’ll return to its original position.

Winners will be rewarded with EXP, fame points, and achievement points every time they win. These rewards will be given a 30x boost for the first victory you earn on any given day.  You’ll earn 50% of the rewards if you’re on the losing side.

The Battle Core system will check the CP of every player that applies. This means that it can pair teams up against each other as fairly as possible.

Battlefield of Heroes

Battlefield of Heroes is a 100 player all-server PvP event that will run every Tuesday and Friday. The registration period will run from 21:00 to 21:25 server time, and the battle will start at 21:30 and end at 22:00.

There are different ways to earn points in Battlefield of Heroes. You’ll get them from gathering materials, defeating opponents, and damaging the boss. You’ll get points for every 0.01% of the boss’s max HP that you take off. There are extra points for delivering the killing blow to the big bad one as well.

There are combo points too. You’ll gain these for defeating consecutive enemies. But if you die, your combo will be reset.

The team with the highest score at the end of the battle is the winner. You’ll get rewards based on the number of points that you earned during the battle. You’ll need to score more than 100 points to receive anything, though.

Server Dungeons – Harmageddon and Elemental War

These two dungeons see you teaming up with players from other servers to take on the evil within. There are two of them, and they have their own entry requirements.

Harmageddon unlocks when you reach 4 Rb 90 Lv and have completed the quest ‘Aida (1)’. In it you’ll fight the Four Knights. Defeat them and you’ll summon Harmageddon. Kill Harmageddon and you’ll receive your rewards.

Killing the knights within the time limit will increase the rewards you’ll receive by 50% each time. But it’ll also make Harmageddon stronger.

Elemental War can be unlocked by completing the quest ‘Follow the Clean-up Unit’ after 6Rebirth. There are 30 waves of monsters for you to take on. The more you manage to defeat within the time limit, the better the rewards you’ll receive. But each wave is more difficult to defeat than the last.

One monster in particular is tough to conquer. Elemental Fear has high DEF stats, but it’s weak against elemental DMG, so you’ll need to use Soul Stones to take it down.

Soul Stones

These give elemental stats to your character. You can mine them to add extra elemental powers in PvP and dungeons. There are six elements – fire, water, thunder, ice, wind, and earth – as well as three different types of Soul Stone – Orbium, Tris, and Quadion.

You can use ten of each type of Soul Stone to add elemental attributes and options. Adding Soul Stones gives you different elemental DMG boosts depending on which element the Soul Stone is.

To mine Soul Stones you’ll need Soul Dust and Diamonds. Soul Dust can be found in Elemental War and Battlefield of Heroes. You’ll also get it by disassembling Soul Stones. There are three different types of mining – short, medium, and advanced. The higher the mining level, the higher level Soul Stones you’ll receive.

You can upgrade Soul Stones by combining three at the same level. You can also use lower level stones to make up a shortfall. For example, three level 1 stones are the equivalent of one level 2 stone.


Relics let you increase your stats. There are four different kinds – Golden Grail, Golden Crown, Golden Sword, and Golden Scripture. Each of these is made up of six different pieces. As you enhance the pieces, you’ll get stat boosts.

To enhance your relics you’ll need fragments. You’ll find these in Harmageddon and Battlefield of Heroes. If all six of the pieces of your Relic are at the same tier, you get an additional buff.

You’ll unlock the Relic System by completing the quest Kundun’s Illusion after 4Rebirth 90.

So go and use these tips and destroy the opposition – you can download version 1.7 of MU Origin on the App Store (get) and Google Play (get) now.

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