Murim Cultivation Best Path

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With three paths to take, what is the Murim Cultivation Best Path? This guide will explain what each of the three paths are and the benefits that come with them, so you can choose the perfect path for you!

Do you want to become the strongest there is? Do you want to explore different realms? Murim Cultivation is a Roblox martial arts game that requires you to reach inner peace, but it also provides the chance for some adrenaline boosting violence! By purchasing or farming food, you can reach new realms, and through mediation, you can reach higher levels in mastery!

Want to achieve inner peace yourself? Play Murim Cultivation on the Roblox website. Or if you’re more of the fighting type, check out our Murim Cultivation Style Guide for tips about weapon styles!

Murim Cultivation Paths

Before we determine which is the best path, let’s take a look at each of the different paths in Murim Cultivation in detail.


The beast path allows you to gain mastery a lot quicker compared to the other paths. If you want to achieve mastery, you must beat all NPCs (non-playable characters) who follow the same cultivation path as you.

Alongside this, yellow is the colour associated with that path – so you can choose it for aesthetic purposes. The beast path may also alter your characters appearance by adding horns, wings, or tails.


If you want a more violent and intense route, the demonic path is for you! Although you won’t achieve mastery as quickly compared to the beast path, you will have plenty of opportunity to participate in violence.

Red is the colour associated with the demonic path, so if that’s your colour, why not choose this path?


The heavenly path is all about the calmer side of the game, such as meditating and reaching your inner peace. Again, you won’t achieve mastery as quick as the beast route – but if you prefer pacifism then this route is definitely for you.

It doesn’t provide much advantage in comparison to the two other routes, apart from the associated colour being blue.

Which is the Murim Cultivation Best Path?

If you want to achieve mastery quicker, the beast path is the one for you. Other than that, it’s down to aesthetics and whether or not you want to fight. So trust your gut!

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