Murim Cultivation Body Cultivation Guide

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Are you stuck on Murim Cultivation Body Cultivation? Well you’re in the right place! This guide will explain what body cultivation is, and the location of all the crystals needed to help you cultivate your body.

Murim Cultivation is a Roblox martial arts game that requires you to reach inner peace, but it also provides the chance for some adrenaline boosting violence! With different weapons to find, races to reroll, and realms to explore, there is so much to do!

Can you find all the crystals? Have a go and play Murim Cultivation on Roblox. If you’re just getting started, we have an Murim Cultivation Guide to help!

Murim Cultivation Body Cultivation

Now, let’s take a look at everything you need to know about Murim Cultivation body cultivation.

What Is Body Cultivation?

Murim Cultivation is all about bringing inner peace and meditating. Body cultivation is a way of strengthening your mortal body, meaning you can get stronger than opponents and move up ranks, which is exactly what you need to do in this game!

Strength is one of the most important stats to focus on, so you will need the crystals to help you get stronger whether that is in a physical way through violence, or in an emotional way through meditating in the game. Both ways will help you advance.

So… How Can I Body Cultivate?

There are four types of crystals in the game to help strengthen you. They are as followed: Low, Intermediate, Advanced, and Supreme. Below is how to get them all.

Low Crystals

You can get these in two ways: either by killing bandits or killing treelings. Both are very easy to find and kill. Treelings are the only NPC that attack you unprovoked, and they are all about violence so make sure to be careful. You can usually kill them with just one swing of your sword.

Intermediate Crystals

You can get these crystals by killing Giants and Dwarves. Both are a little harder to kill, so be careful! Dwarves are near the Demonic Overlord which is on a little island. Just swim over and you’ll find them.

Advanced Crystals

You can get advanced crystals in two different ways: by killing the Heavenly Martial Master and the Dwarf boss. The Heavenly Martial Master can kill you with one hit, so make sure you’re strong enough before you go in for a fight.

Supreme Crystals

You can only get this crystal by killing the Demon boss. He is the strongest NPC in the game and one of the hardest to find! Try checking caves, as that’s where he normally is.

That is how you get the crystals! By getting these, you will become stronger and be able to gain more Qi, which will allow you to advance to higher realms.

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