Mystique Chapter 2: The Child Walkthrough

With the advent of Mystique Chapter 3: Obitus coming out shortly, it would be good to get through both Chapter 1 and Chapter 2. Here’s is the walkthrough for Chapter 2 written by someone named Jorge and posted on a forum by Gekkota. (I tried to fix all the spelling errors but I probably missed some).

Little girl talks to you, points, then disappears.

Walk down hallway to the exit sign door.

Go in to first door on your right.

Pick up the screw driver and kettle base off the floor on the left wall when you walk in there are switches.

Click on them and solve a puzzle to get the lights on.

Once completed go out the door you came in hall way now lit.

Go to the first brown door on your left wall and go in there turn to your right and get the lighter on the shelf go to the table on the left and pick up the needle with strange liquid go and back out the door.

Go to the bench and look inside the garbage pale for a piece of paper 1 of 4 now go back to the double doors you came through in the beginning.

Go down the hall to the bed, click on it, you will slide it over now click on it again and use the lighter on the fire alarm buzzer then get off and go in the room opposite of room 5 there you will turn left and solve another puzzle.

A body will appear on the chair go to it and use the needle filled with strange liquid on it, get gold key now go back to the area with the chip machine, go in the first room you went in where u found the screw driver.

Once in the room again turn right and pick up the fire ext. and axe now leave the room turn toward the door locked with chains use the axe on the door.

Go in the door this is the morgue go around the table and pick up a silver key on the floor now,

Leave the room go to the second brown door on your left this time and use the silver key on it once in the room go to the side with a chair you will see an outlet, plug the kettle base into it, now pick up the white pitcher on the floor and go back out the door and bring the pitcher to the water cooler next to the chip machine, fill it up.

Now go back to the room where you plugged the kettle into, put the water on the kettle, you will get back hot water now.

Go back to the morgue and use the hot water on the second to last middle draw, there you will find the scalpel.

Now go back to the beginning hallway and go the double door at the end and use the gold key on it. This is the surgery room, go the right once your in, there will be a wall of glass, use the fire ext. to break it and get the drill on the table.

Go back to the hallway with the chip machine and use the drill on the last brown door in that area. Once in room, go right to the desk and pick up the pencil and keycard then leave room.

Go in to the room where you found the lighter and needle, there is a machine in the back on a table, go to it and put the code 132 in it with one being at the top then use the key card you found on it. Once done leave the room, now go to the beginning hallway again and use the key card on room 1.

You will find a piece of paper on the stand then look under the bed and get the coin. Once u get those to things leave the room then go to room 3 and get the sleeping pills off the stand then leave room then go to room 4 go to the bed and click on it, use the scalpel on the pillow to get another piece of paper then leave the room.

Now go to the room next to the bathroom u escaped from in the first game, there will be a code on the wall, click on it then leave the room, go to the next room and get the piece of paper on the floor, all four pieces will then become a sheet.

Now leave the room and go back to the room where u found the keycard and click on the safe to open it with the pin, the game does it on its own, in there u will find a big key and the occult book. The book is useless, leave the room go to the chip machine and use the coin to get the chips and then combine them with the sleeping pills to get sleeping chips then go back to the surgery room.

Once there go the control of the big machine, the pressure chamber, use the big key on the controls, the rat will run out now go to the chamber and put the sleeping chips in the chamber.

The Rat will come back and fall asleep, now go back to the control on the top right and you will see color wheels and the bottom right hectagons, use those to move the color wheels, the wheels have to match but only the ones that touch each other.

Once done the rat will pop and u will get the fuse, now go back to the room where u got the axe and use the pencil on the paper to get the elevator code, use it on the computer and leave the room.

On the left side of the elevator there is a circuit breaker where u can use that screw driver, once you used it use the fuse on it then solve yet another puzzle. With this one don’t worry about the ones that change, just line them up one at a time.

Once you beat that your done, click on the elevator and that’s it.

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