PayDay: Crime War Masks – All Masks Listed!

A PayDay: Crime War character holding two assault rifles.

The only way to stand out in PayDay: Crime War is to customise your mask. Well, there’s your suit as well, some of which are incredibly sharp, but they pale in comparison to the face wear. There are a wide variety of PayDay: Crime War masks on offer too, which you can unlock in a wide variety of ways. In this guide, we’re going to round them all up and provide steps you can take to unlock them.

PayDay: Crime War is a co-op-based first-person shooter where it’s up to you and the rest of your team to carry out high-stakes heists. Team up and try to carry out your objectives, either by stealth and subterfuge or rushing in all guns blazing.

You can find PayDay: Crime War onĀ Google Play. We’ve also put together a PayDay: Crime War tier list to help you pick the best character.

PayDay: Crime War Masks

Now, let’s round up all of the PayDay: Crime War masks that you can unlock and how to get them.

Arch Nemesis



Achieve level 13 in the first season’s ‘Crime Pass’.


Unlock the character ‘Chains’.


Unlock the character ‘Clover’.


Unlocked by default.

Dark Legion

Achieve level 16 in the first season’s premium ‘Crime Pass’.


Unlock the character ‘Duke’.


Unlock the character ‘Houston’.


Unlock the character ‘Hoxton’.




Unlock the character ‘Sydney’.

The Butcher

Achieve level 34 in the first season’s premium ‘Crime Pass’.

The Gas Mask

Achieve level 23 in the first season’s ‘Crime Pass’.

The Skull


Vlad Armor

Purchase the first season’s ‘Crime Pass’.


Unlock the character ‘Wolf’.

PayDay: Crime War Masks FAQ

Still got questions? Well, we can answer all of them below.

What Are PayDay: Crime War Masks?

Masks are cosmetic items in the PayDay universe. You pop them on before a heist to ensure that you’re not recognised by law enforcement while stealing huge wads of cash.

Do Masks Offer Gameplay Benefits?

Not at all. They are purely cosmetic, and a signal to other players how cool you look.

How do I Unlock Masks?

Refer to our list above for complete instructions on how to unlock each mask. There are a few masks that don’t currently have an unlock method, which means they may not be available yet, or only drop via the gacha system. We’ll aim to update this as we learn more.

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