Peroxide Gems Guide – What Are Crystals? (Artificiality Crystal Update!)

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Looking for some shinies in Peroxide? Who isn’t? Our Peroxide gems guide looks into the crystals and what each of them do.

Peroxide is a Roblox game inspired by the hit anime and manga series, Bleach. Become a Soul Reaper, Quincy, or Hollow, and duke it out with a fast and fluid combat system. Your character will probably have to die first, but hey, we all have to make sacrifices. You can play Peroxide now via Roblox.

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Peroxide Gems Guide

Here we’ll try and give you the info you need to know.

About Crystals

Crystals, or Gems are items that you can equip to one of your skills to add a boost to that skill. You can only have one of them equipped at any time. You can get these by trading Time Crystals with the Shady Shinigami NPC.

Crystal List

Here we go over the Peroxide Crystals and what each of them does.

Aegis Crystal

  • Gives hyperarmor while using a move.

Artificiality Crystal

  • Increases damage dealt toward NPCs.

Chain Crystal

  • Links two characters, causing damage to apply to both.

Clutch Crystal

  • Pulls nearby players towards you on using the move.

Conduction Crystal

  • Adds a lightning strike and a slam to a move.

Creep Crystal

  • Adds Reiatsu steal to the move.

Degression Crystal

  • Adds the ability to debuff opponents when using the move.

Despair Crystal

  • Prevents ability use.

Exponentiality Crystal

  • Increases damage for a move, and adds a delay between the hit and the damage.

Force Crystal

  • Adds knockback to a move.

Glass Crystal

  • Strengthens heavy attacks.

Ichor Crystal

  • Adds lifesteal to a move.

Inferno Crystal

  • Adds burn damage to a move.

Null Crystal

  • Increases damage of move, decreases damage of other moves.

Prodigy Crystal

  • Adds increased Mastery to a move.

Reap Crystal

  • Applies a heal-disabling effect to the move.

Shadow Crystal

  • Darkens opponent’s screen and debuffs their damage on skill use.

Spirit Crystal

  • Halves Reiatsu cost of the move.

Terra Crystal

  • Creates a wall behind the target to throw them against it.

Wind Crystal

  • Adds a dash and iframes to the start of a skill.

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