Peroxide Hollow Progression Guide – How To Become A Vasto Lorde

Feature image for our Peroxide hollow progression guide. It shows an in-game screen of a Menos Hollow.

Want to walk the dark and hungry path of the Hollow in Peroxide? Well, this is the guide for you. Our Peroxide Hollow progression guide goes over how to work your way up to the strongest Hollow form, the Vasto Lorde. It’s not easy, but it’s well worth doing.

Peroxide is a Roblox game inspired by the hit anime and manga series, Bleach. Become a Soul Reaper, Quincy, or Hollow, and duke it out with a fast and fluid combat system. Your character will probably have to die first, but hey, we all have to make sacrifices.

You can play Peroxide now via Roblox.

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Peroxide Hollow Progression Guide

Here we’ve split this up into sections to make it easier to find what you need.

Becoming A Hollow

Unsurprisingly, you’ll need to first become a Hollow, by ripping out your chain of fate as a spirit. If you want a detailed guide on how to do this, check out out Peroxide Hollow guide.

Once you’ve pulled your chain, you’ll become a regular, yellow-eyed Hollow, and can teleport to Hueco Mundo.

Hollow Progress To Red Eyes

The first thing you need to do is hunt other Hollows. Most of the ones you see in Hueco Mundo are AI-controlled, though a few might be player characters. You can defeat Hollows and then eat the smoking remains that drop on death to gain XP and access to new Hollow abilities.

Keep attacking and eating Hollows until you reach Level 20.

Once you are Level 20, look for Hollows with red eyes. Defeat one with red eyes to get red eyes yourself.

Gillian Menos Progress

Once you’ve achieved red eyes, you need to destroy another red-eyed Hollow. Once you’ve done this, you will transform into the towering Menos, or Gillian.

As a Menos, you need to take out 30 Hollows, and stay alive for 30 minutes. This can be a little tricky, as your massive size makes you slow, and you’re a very obvious target. Use your Stomp move to hit anything attacking below you.

As a Menos you have a one-time teleport ability, which takes you to the Menos Forest. Use to get out of a dangerous situation.

If you are destroyed as a Menos, you will come back as a yellow-eyed Hollow and need to repeat the above section, hunting red-eyed Hollows again. The Menos score will carry over in between transformations.

Adjuchas Progress

Once you’ve scored 30 kills and 30 minutes, you take the form of an Adjuchas, a smaller but stronger Hollow with access to some all-new moves.

From here the real work begins. You’ll need to rack up 1700 Hollow XP to reach the level of Vasto Lorde. This is done by defeating Hollows and Arrancar, but be careful. Dying will cost you 60XP. Different enemies will reward different amounts of XP, depending on the risk involved.

  • Normal Hollow – 1XP
  • Eating A Hollow – 1XP
  • Red-Eyed Hollow – 3XP
  • Menos – 5XP
  • Ancient Menos – 12XP (These can be picked out because of their different mask.)
  • Adjuchas – 10XP
  • Ancient Adjuchas – 25XP
  • Vasto Lorde – 50XP
  • Storm Arrancar – 100XP

You can check your progress at the Shady Arrancar in The Alley. If you want to know more on that, we’ve got a Shady Arrancar guide if you’re interested in finding out more.

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