Peroxide Wandering Trader Guide

Feature image for our Peroxide Wandering Trader guide. It shows an in-game screen of the portal to the Wandering Trader area.

Want to find that elusive new vendor added after the update? Well, we’re here to help out as much as we can. The newest Peroxide content added an enigmatic traveling NPC who could offer potentially rare items, if you can track him down of course. This is easier said than done though. Our Peroxide Wandering Trader guide sets out to give you the info you need to know.

Peroxide is a Roblox game inspired by the hit anime and manga series, Bleach. Become a Soul Reaper, Quincy, or Hollow, and duke it out with a fast and fluid combat system. Your character will probably have to die first, but hey, we all have to make sacrifices.

You can play Peroxide now via Roblox.

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Peroxide Wandering Trader Guide

Dr Hydrogen is the newest NPC who arrived in the newest update, though he doesn’t tend to stay in one place very long. His location varies depending on the day. Some of them can be pretty hard to reach, so depending on how far you can jump, you might need to wait til another day.

Where is he today? Well, we’ll try and keep this up to date with his latest location.

Wandering Trader Location

On October 3rd, Dr Hydrogen can be accessed via a portal in Hueco Mundo. You can find it by turning right when facing the entrance to The Alley, and keeping the wall to your left past the gorge, and ignoring any paths branching off until you find a cave. Head inside and you’ll see a blue glowing orb on a high ledge.

Hollows might have a tough time getting up there.

Wandering Trader Goods

Dr Hydrogen’s stock rotates on the day, but it can be anything from the following item list.

  • Bungus
  • Charged Time Splitter
  • Cheese
  • Fortune Field Generator
  • Peroxide Mixture
  • Skill Focus
  • Skill Obliterator
  • Time Splitter

You might run into any three of these.

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