Pilgrammed Races Guide

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Do you fancy a bit of a change in Pilgrammed? Wish you could live another life? Well, we might have the solution. Our Pilgrammed races guide has information on how to change your character’s race and get a whole new gameplay experience.

Pilgrammed in an experience on the popular Roblox platform. It’s an open-world action RPG that doesn’t pull its punches. You may die repeatedly and horribly on your quest across the land, but if you learn something while you do, then it’s all part of the challenge.

You can find Pilgrammed on Roblox. If you’re looking for more freebies, check out our Pickaxe Mining Simulator codes, Gym Simulator codes, and Anime Defense Simulator codes.

Pilgrammed Races Guide

Below we’ll try and cover any information that you might find useful.

Races Explained

Races are major character changes in Pilgrammed, which will affect both how your characters looks, and the skills they possess in-game.

Race List


  • Cosmetic Effects: None. The character can be customized as normal.
  • Gameplay Effects: None.

Human is the default player race and you’ll spawn into the game as one.

Ice Troll

  • Cosmetic Effects: Ice Trolls get blue skin and horns.
  • Gameplay Effects: Ice Troll characters do bonus frost damage.

You can transform into an Ice Troll by finding the NPC Gelician on the Isle Of Wind in the Northern Sea. You’ll need to speak to them and accept their offer.


  • Cosmetic Effects: Vampires gain pale skin and pointed teeth.
  • Gameplay Effects: Vampires take 25% more damage, but will regenerate health on killing an enemy.

You can acquire Vampirism from the NPC Simon on Pale Isle, straight off the coast from the Savannah jetty area. You’ll need to speak to him and agree to be turned.

Resetting Your Race

If you’ve become a vampire or a frost troll but find yourself regretting your choice, you can switch back to human. You’ll need to speak to the Creeper Reaper NPC in the swamp and ask to be turned back.

About Pilgrammed

Pilgrammed is an action RPG on Roblox. It gives you a wide world to explore, full of deadly enemies, bosses, loot, and quirky NPCs. Wander the world at your leisure, but be careful! It’s full of monsters that won’t think twice about sending you right back to the checkpoint. You can buy new gear and mine for ore to get better equipment, you might need it!

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