Project Mugetsu Ichibei Clan Guide

Feature image for our Project Mugetsu Ichibei guide. It shows a player character with a black beard.

Want a clan that can stand up to the might of Yhwach? We can think of one or two, but we know only one character who’s actually done it. That’s Ichibē Hyōsube, and the Project Mugetsu Ichibei clan is inspired by him. Want to know what this sought-after clan provides? Read on with our guide and find out.

Try Project Mugetsu out now on Roblox. We’ve also got a Project Mugetsu Gojo guide for another of the top tier clans.

Project Mugetsu Ichibei Clan Guide

Let’s paint a more detailed picture of the clan system, and what the Ichibei clan offers. ..see what I did there?

About Clans

Clans are a rollable system of bonuses in Project Mugetsu, tied to your character’s second name. Not all clans have clan buffs, but some rare clans give massive stat boosts, immunities, faster Masteries.. and some even have their own signature special moves.

About The Ichibei Clan

Ichibei is one of the Transcendent clans. These are three ultra-rare clans, Ichibei, Yhwach, and Gojo. You have only a tiny chance of rolling one at only 0.05% chance per roll. If you do get lucky though, they are some of the undisputed champions of the game world, absolutely packed with special bonuses.

Ichibei clan members get all the bonuses listed below.

  • Basic attacks stun for twice as long as the average player’s attacks.
  • Increased maximum Reiatsu.
  • Able to inflict the Ichimonji debuff by default, without needing the associated Shikai.
  • Debuffs inflicted last three times as long as average.
  • Enhanced speed, jump, and damage at low health.
  • Able to detect outlines of places through solid barriers. Can be toggled on and off by pressing H.
  • Can reflect any status effect back onto the enemy inflicting it.
  • Regenerates health very quickly. Must be outside of combat mode before this kicks in.
  • Enhanced dodge skill.
  • Can consume souls for XP and possible health.
  • Faster movement speed than average.
  • Masteries level up a massive eight times faster than average.
  • Special Move: Thousand Ri Palm
  • A powerful melee strike with an uppercut that launches the target with a burst of ink.

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