Project Mugetsu Soul Reaper Guide

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Looking to follow the righteous path in Project Mugetsu but need some help to get started? Well we’re here to provide the information necessary. Our Project Mugetsu Soul Reaper Guide gives you what you need to get started on the path of the Shinigami.

Project Mugetsu is a Roblox action game based on the highly popular and long-running anime and manga, Bleach. You can join up with either the Hollows or the Soul Reapers and decide the fate of the spirit world.

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Project Mugetsu Soul Reaper Guide

Here we’ll try and give you everything you need to get started.

About Soul Reapers

Soul Reapers, or Shinigami are the ostensible good guys of the spirit world. That’s a bit of a simplification in the world of Bleach, but they’re definitely better than the alternative. Shinigami police the world of spirits, sending the ghosts of the deceased to the right places. They also combat the Hollows, corrupted souls of the dead that have taken on a monstrous form.

Soul Reapers can ascend to greater ranks and powers by completing Soul Reaper quests.

How To Become A Soul Reaper

To join up with the Shinigami is easy. Well, at least getting your first quest is. All you need to do is follow the blue icon on your HUD until you find the NPC named, Kisuke. You can recognize him by his stripy bucket hat. Interact with him and he asks if you want to join the ranks of the Soul Reapers.

If you accept the offer, you’ll get a challenge. You will need to kill one Hollow. This can be a player-controlled Hollow or an enemy, it doesn’t matter.

While getting the quest is easy, getting that victory might be a bit more of a challenge, as you don’t have any Reaper powers yet. You’ll be punching that monster to death. If it kills you, don’t worry too much! Run back and its health should still be down to where it was when you died.

Take the Hollow out and return to Kisuke, he’ll make you an official Soul Reaper, and you’ll get a sweet sword to seal the deal. That’s unless you want to back out, which you can do.

About Project Mugetsu

Project Mugestu is an experience on the popular Roblox platform. It is an action RPG set in the Bleach Universe. You start out as a dead human, don’t worry though, death is really only the beginning in this world. You can choose to join the noble Shinigami, or the frightening Arrancar. The choice is yours!

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