Project Mugetsu Tsukishima Clan Guide

Feature image for our Project Mugetsu Tsukishima guide. It shows a character with jaw length dark hair and brown eyes on the Karakura bridge in-game.

Ready to really mess with people’s timelines? There’s one clan that can do it all. The chronological chaos on the Tsukishima clan can be yours, if you’re lucky enough on your rolls, of course. Want to know what you get? Our Project Mugetsu Tsukishima clan guide runs over the important info about the conniving bloodline, and clans as a whole.

Project Mugetsu is out now on Roblox. We’ve got a general Project Mugetsu clans guide, too, with brief outlines on all the different families.

Project Mugetsu Tsukishima Clan Guide

First we’ll talk about what clans are, then we’ll outline the specific clan’s buffs and rarity.

About Clans

See your character’s surname in the player list? That’s your clan. Many of the Project Mugetsu clans are nothing by cosmetic, however some of the rarer ones bring clan buffs inspired by their Bleach character namesake. These can be boosted stats, faster Masteries, and even unique special moves that only clan members can use.

For this reason, some clans can have massive impact on your build, and possibly on your playstyle as well.

The Tsukishima Clan

Tsukishima is a Mythic-rarity clan, which means you have around a 1% chance of rolling one of the four Mythic clans. It shares this rarity level with, Cifer, Thomeaux, and Yamamoto.

Inpired by the fullbringer Shūkurō Tsukishima, Tsukishima abilities are themed around his time-bending attacks with Book Of The End, which allow for some pretty fiendish techniques.

The clan buffs are as follows:

  • Faster Sword Mastery and Fist Mastery.
  • Increased Reiatsu capacity.
  • Attacks can cause ‘Historical Cut’ status, which adds cumulative damage.
  • Can use Bookmark to reset self to a point up to 5 seconds in the past once ‘marked’.
  • Able to use Memory Manipulation to debuff opponents.
  • Has a chance to automatically dodge basic M1 attacks.

Those should keep your opponents guessing.

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