Project Mugetsu Volcanica Guide

Feature image for our Project Mugetsu Volcanica guide. It shows a Soul Reaper player character fighting a Hollow.

Check out your resurrection options in Project Mugetsu and want to turn up the heat? Fear not, we’ve got the scoop on it! Our Project Mugetsu Volcanica Guide has all the details on the resurrection so you can decide whether it’s worth those rerolls.

Project Mugetsu is a Roblox action game based on the highly popular and long-running anime and manga, Bleach. You can join up with either the Hollows or the Soul Reapers and decide the fate of the spirit world.

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Project Mugetsu Volcanica Guide

Here we’ll try and give you all the info you need to know

About Resurrections

Resurrección, or resurrections are a means of achieving more power on the Hollow path of advancement. You can check out our Project Mugetsu resurrection tier list to get a general overview.

About Volcanica

Volcanica is a resurrection form achieved by fighting the boss in the inner world. You may get one of several different resurrections.

If you’ve got it, you can activate with the ‘Roar Volcanica’ command.

When it activates, you’ll get large, red-tinted arms with fin-like protrustions on the shoulders.

Volcanica Moves

The Volcanica form has the following moves.

  • Lava Blade – A fiery strike from one of the enhanced fists.
  • Kaboosh – An explosion of flame in a small area around the user.
  • Lava Bullets – Flaming projectiles launched toward a target.
  • Lava Detonation – An explosion in a targeted area.

About Project Mugetsu

Project Mugestu is an experience on the popular Roblox platform. It is an action RPG set in the Bleach Universe. You start out as a dead human, don’t worry though, death is really only the beginning in this world. You can choose to join the noble Shinigami, or the frightening Arrancar. The choice is yours!

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