Residence Massacre Badges – Listed With Instructions!

A cupboard in Residence Massacre.

Trying to unlock all of the Residence Massacre badges? Well, you’re in the right place. In this guide, I’m going to round up all of the badges you can unlock and include instructions on how to find each of them. I’ll also update this guide whenever a new badge arrives, or if anything changes.

Residence Massacre is a Roblox horror game that sees you defending your house from a mysterious, and very deadly, monster. When you arrive home from work, the government sends you a message detailing that the monster is attacking, and it’s up to you to try and defend against it.

You can check out Residence Massacre on Roblox. If you’re looking for more Roblox guides, check out our Black Grimoire Odyssey races guide.

Residence Massacre Badges

Now, let’s take a look at how to get every single Residence Massacre badge that you can unlock and how to get them.

Going Home

This is the easiest badge to acquire in Residence Massacre. Simply launch into a game for the first time and you unlock the Going Home badge. That’s it!


The second easiest badge. All you have to do is let the entity kill you for the first time to unlock the Massacred badge.


Visit the fuse box at the rear of the house, open it, and interact with the wirse it to unlock the Electrocuted badge. If you’re struggling to find it, it looks like a silver box and it has a bunch of notes stuck to it.

When you open it, you should see red, blue, yellow, and green wires. That’s how you know you’re in the right place. You also see the skeleton of your Roblox character when you interact with it. That’s how to tell that you have unlocked the badge.


This badge is a little complicated to unlock. Here are the steps to do so:

  1. Find the generator in a little hut outside of the house. You can tell it’s the generator thanks to a timer that ticks down from 100 to zero.
  2. Wait till the timer has ticked down to zero and enter the house.
  3. Survive until your oxygen metre depletes.
  4. Unlock the Asphyxia badge.


To unlock the Survivor badge, you have to survive an entire night. Specifically, the first one.


You have to turn on all three cameras in a single run to unlock the Technician badge. We’ve put together a Residence Massacre camera locations guide to help you with that.

Escape Artist

Escape from the entity after it spots you to unlock the Escape Artist badge. Naturally, there are a bunch of different methods you can use to complete this, but the easiest method is to remain outside and run around until you escape.

Sodas reset your stamina bar, so make sure to stack up on these before you head outside.


To get the Spooked badge, you need to experience a jump scare while interacting with the cameras. That involves setting up the cameras before you try and achieve this. Then, simply swap back and forth between the cameras until the entity pops up to scare you.

You can tell the entity is nearby when the camera starts going fuzzy and you hear a heartbeat sound. Remain on that camera until you get the jump scare. Be warned though: you will probably die getting this achievement.


This is the hardest badge to currently obtain, as it involves beating the hardest version of the game that currently exists. You do so as a team though, so it might not prove that tricky depending on who you do it with.

To unlock the Bloodmoon mode, you need to win a game once, either alone or as part of a team.

What Are Residence Massacre Badges?

Badges in Residence Massacre are achievements that you unlock for performing specific actions. Once you have unlocked a badge, it’s visible on your Roblox profile for anyone who visits it.

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