Residence Massacre Camera Locations

Residence Massacre camera one location.

Are you looking for the Residence Massacre camera locations? Well, you’re in the right place. In this guide, I’m going to round up all of the camera locations and detail the exact steps you need to take to turn them all on. That should help you earn the Technician badge. Should any new cameras pop up in the future, I’ll update this guide and include the steps for them too.

Residence Massacre is a Roblox horror game that draws inspiration from Five Nights at Freddy’s. You play as a character who returns home only to discover that a vicious monster has entered your home and is trying to murder you. So you have to survive, using only your wits to defend you.

You can grab Residence Massacre on Roblox. I’ve also put together a Residence Massacre badges guide to help you unlock all of the badges.

Residence Massacre Camera Locations

Now, let’s take a look at all of the Residence Massacre camera locations, including how to turn them on.

Before Turning on Cameras

You can’t turn on any of the cameras until you have performed the following steps:

  • Enter the house and go into the first door on your left.
  • Interact with the radio.

As soon as you see a

Camera One

Here’s how to find the first camera:

  • Go to the generator and grab the ladder just outside and to your right.
  • Head right past the generator and interact with the suspicious-looking tree to place the ladder on it.
  • Place the first camera in the tree.

Camera Two

Now, let’s find camera two:

  • Turn around and head immediately towards the house.
  • On the right edge of the house, place the ladder.
  • Climb it and interact with the camera placement.

Camera Three

Finally, camera three.

  • Head to the front of the house.
  • Keep walking past it and head towards the electricity pylons.
  • Place the ladder near the one with the camera.
  • Climb it and place the camera.

What Are the Residence Massacre Cameras For?

Primarily, you place the cameras to monitor the entity from multiple different angles, helping you to survive. However, the major reason is to unlock the Technician badge. This requires you to set up all three cameras in a single run, hence this guide.

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