Residence Massacre Guide

Feature image for our Resident Massacre guide. It shows an in-game screen of a Roblox character stood outside a house, saying 'help'.

Struggling not to become a horror movie casualty in Residence Massacre? Don’t worry, our Residence Massacre guide should give you some info to help you avoid becoming a massacred resident.

Residence Massacre is a Roblox game where you’re stuck in a pretty difficult situation. There’s a bloodthirsty mutant monster roaming the area after a recent nuclear waste spill, and your home is right within the radius of its rampage. It’s up to you to prepare to survive the night.

You can check it out now on Roblox.

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Residence Massacre Guide

Here we’ve split it into the different day phases.


You have a short amount of time before sunset to get ready for the night of horror, so use it wisely. There are a few things you can do to hopefully prolong your life.

  • Barricades – Upstairs you should find a pile of wood planks. Click on it and a hammer will appear in your bottom bar. Select this and interact with windows to nail a board across them. You get three boards per trip. The more boards on the window, the better protected you’ll be.
  • Flashlight – Pick this up from around the house to have your own light.
  • Lights – You can turn these on to repel the thing away from the windows.
  • Batteries – Keeps the flashlight fuelled.
  • Cameras – You can set up cameras during the day to view different parts of the property through the computer in the upstairs bedroom.

During The Night

The sun is down.

  • The Generator – The generator keeps the power on and provides ventilation. If it runs out of fuel, you will die inside the house. This means you may have to run outside to refuel. Be careful!
  • Fuse Box – If the lights go out you’ll need to go out to the fuse box at the back of the house and hit the right wire.
  • Scaring It Off – You want to try and stop the creature from getting in. If you shine a flashlight into its face while it’s at the window you’ll scare it off for a little while. It needs to break off the boards to get in, so the more boards on a window, the longer it will take.
  • It Got In – If you hear a window smashing, well, you’re in trouble. The creature is in the house and your flashlight won’t work this time. Just try and avoid it, and keep the lights on if you can. You can hide in cupboards too, though it won’t hold it off for very long. Try to avoid getting to this point.

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